Healing my disabled husband

Chapter 31 You'll have to ask that granddaughter-in-law of yours

Aimee is really a little sad.

She knew that Patrick didn't like her, and she didn't like Patrick either.

They did not become a couple because of love, how far they could go, Aimee actually did not think.

She was just disappointed that Patrick was not even willing to properly enforce the spirit of the contract, they had just gotten together and he was already planning a divorce.

This led Aimee to believe that her acceptance of her family's arrangement to become Patrick's wife was simply absurd.

Aimee was also a little discouraged and didn't want to do anything further, just waiting for the time to come when she and Patrick would divorce and never see each other again.

Aimee sits on the couch in silence for a long time until the timer goes off, bringing Aimee's thoughts back.

She frowned a little and her eyes fell on top of the small refrigerator.

A voice inside her head is telling Aimee, leave him alone, don't treat him, just let him lay there for the rest of his life.

But there is also another voice telling Aimee to save him, to heal him.

After all, the medicinal solution she worked so hard to prepare is still quite expensive.

Aimee is not a money-loving person, and when it comes to money, it can be said that she and Matilda are completely different extremes.

She can get rid of things she can't use without blinking an eye, no matter how expensive they are.

There was a moment when Aimee had the urge to just throw the solution away.

However, the moment she reached for the trash can, Aimee sighed, withdrew her hand, and walked out of the room with the liquid.

When I went back to Patrick's room, he was already asleep.

confirmed that Patrick

was relieved that her soup today,

moment that Patrick had some special

good thing is, everything went according

the same actions as before, Aimee did everything and

today, still

of sweat on his body,

a relief for

is a very normal thing and a necessary process to experience such pain in the early stages

is able to feel pain, the more likely it is

went straight to wash a towel

Aimee left Patrick's room

surgery this morning, and, well, it was a very major surgery,

to her room and changed her clothes before leaving from

Patrick's room at this time and looked strangely at Master Patrick, who was

"That's weird, why

even if it's for health reasons, he should have slept

the old Hayden and Riley are not up, and even

must have done something else to make

out of his room refreshed, and when he saw Riley, he exclaimed, "I haven't slept

and he was dumbfounded when

has never happened before, and he actually slept in

comfortable, living bones and tendons is probably the

then look at the old Hayden, that spirited look, live as if it

on Pat, you tell James to get me something good to eat, I'm pretty hungry at

I'm on my way." Riley immediately went to the kitchen, not to mention, by old Hayden so

Patrick's room and finds

the face was a few shades paler again, making him

wrong with this face of yours? Why is it getting worse every day?" the

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