Healing my disabled husband

Chapter 28 This soup, did you make it?

Aimee returns to Hayden's Mansion and this time, instead of going straight to her room, she goes to the kitchen.

Riley was directing the chef to prepare dinner, saw her enter, froze for a moment, and then asked, "Lady Aimee is there something you want to eat here?"

"No, Riley, I want to cook a soup for Master Patrick myself." Aimee said.

Riley was stunned again, then immediately smiled and made a stove for Aimee and said, "Lady Aimee will make soup here, old Hayden and Master Patrick will be very happy if they know about it."

Aimee laughed and didn't say anything more, already started to wash her hands and make soup.

She's actually a very good cook, having followed her teacher in the mountains as a child, who taught her quite a few recipes, except that she hasn't been in the kitchen since she returned to the Reed family.

Even if there are some times simply not in time for dinner, she did not go to the kitchen to make something for herself to eat, but with some bread and cookies to pad the stomach, the hunger to carry over, and even then.

There are many things that Aimee doesn't want the Reeds to know, and she doesn't want the Reeds to have the opportunity to taunt her, so even though there are times when it feels like she has suffered a lot of aggravation, Aimee still doesn't say much.

The reason why she cooked soup for Patrick today is actually for her own treatment.

Her secret little moves were discovered by Patrick, which led to, among other things, her having some hands tied.

So, today Aimee is going to do something in the soup so that Patrick will be completely asleep when it's time to go to bed, and will not wake up no matter what happens.

But the herbs she wants to put into the soup, and can not let anyone know, so I have to play the role of the wise wife.

Aimee neatly cleaned the chicken and put it in a casserole dish to start the soup.

Riley and the Hayden family chefs were amazed by Aimee's skillful movements.

The chef even exclaimed that Aimee's cooking skills are really very good.

Aimee accepted their compliments openly and took the opportunity to say to Riley, "Riley, from now on, if I get off work early, I will cook for Master Patrick myself, and you can leave this stove empty for me."

The treatment will take a long time, and Aimee doesn't want to make such a hassle, but Patrick is so annoying that she has to fight with her.

Riley was naturally happy to hear that.

To him, this is a sign that Aimee and Patrick are in a good relationship.

He said, "Don't worry, Lady Aimee, I'll make the arrangements. If you need any ingredients, you can also tell me in advance, and I'll ask someone to prepare them in advance."

Riley just looked at Aimee carrying a large bag of things were shocked, this in the Hayden family simply will not happen, Hayden, no one will personally go to the supermarket, the food market to purchase ingredients.

Aimee thanked Riley and said, "Don't bother Riley with this, I'll just go buy it myself."

She still has some ingredients that can't be discovered, let Riley prepare them for her in advance, she those small movements, not revealed.

Riley sniffed and didn't insist, but just felt even more that this Lady Aimee was very good.

At least, for them Master Patrick, is very sincere.

Aimee started making the soup at around 3:00, and it was not until almost 6:00 that the soup was ready.

During the period, a constant stream of fragrance, is really called the crowd unconsciously drooling.

Especially the Hayden family from the seven-star hotel to dig over the chef, has not been able to concentrate on their own dishes, from time to time to Aimee side came together, smelling the soup aroma, always want to explore in the end, in the end Aimee used what the secret recipe, how can be so good smell.

Aimee was very helpless by his action, smiled and said, "Wait for the pot to come out later, you can try it."

"That would be great, I really can't resist the taste." The chef said.

Aimee stares at the casserole, calculating the time, and finally, when the herbs are at their peak, Aimee turns off the heat.

She served the soup in a small tureen, which was intended for Patrick.

As for the rest, it naturally stays for everyone to share.

The old Hayden has already smelled the aroma of coming, a pair of eyes staring straight at the casserole, that look, live as if afraid Aimee will be his old man to miss the general.

Aimee had no choice but to fill the soup and put all the other food for Patrick on the plate before she said to the old Hayden, "Grandpa, you eat first, I'll go take care of Master Patrick for dinner, you don't have to wait for me."

She knew the old Hayden, no matter what time she returned, will always wait for her to eat, she really heart his old man's body.

The old Hayden did want to wait for Aimee together, but before he could say anything, he heard Aimee continue, "Grandpa, this soup must be drunk while it's hot, if you don't drink it quickly, it won't taste as good later, even if it's heated, it's not as good as it is now."

Once the old Hayden heard this, he stopped insisting.

He said, "Then, girl, you go see Pat first, and grandpa will have the soup first."

Aimee smiles and carries her plate to Patrick's room.

Patrick The bed was shaken up at the moment and he was leaning against it, wondering what he was thinking about.

When he heard the sound of the door opening, his eyes looked over, and when he saw that it was Aimee, a touch of surprise slipped through Patrick's eyes.

In the past, it was the old Hayden who came over at dinner time.

Because, only the old Hayden over, he will take into account the mood of the old Hayden, meaning to eat two bites.

Today the old Hayden is nowhere to be seen, and Patrick's first reaction is that something could have happened to the old Hayden.

He asked in a deep voice, "Where's Grandpa?"

"I'm eating." Aimee answered rightfully, and gave Patrick a breathless look that said, "What else could you be doing at this hour if not eating?"

Patrick felt even more strange, from his accident to now, the old Hayden only after seeing him eat, will be relieved to go to eat.

Otherwise, his old man will also follow the food can not eat.

Although Patrick was happy that the old Hayden was not affected by him today, he always felt a little strange somewhere.

This strange feeling, naturally, originated from this wife of his.

He asked, "What did you do to Grandpa?"

Aimee smiled, gave him a strange look and said, "What do you think, I can do to grandpa?"

She had to wonder if the man had some kind of delusions of grandeur.

Patrick said, "You always said something to Grandpa."

Aimee thought about it and said, "I just told him that the soup wouldn't taste good if it got cold, and Grandpa went to have some soup."

Aimee also looked at Patrick with deliberate provocation and almost said: "You, my grandson, are not as important as a bowl of soup.

Patrick is almost laughing at the way Aimee looks.

He licked his cheeks lightly and said, "You're not so bad, then."

Patrick does want to give Aimee a round of applause for being able to reassure his grandfather that he is in her hands and for not worrying about him and taking care of his stomach first.

Aimee smiled daintily and said, "Thank you Master Patrick for the compliment."

She pulled the tabletop over and put the tray up, and the first thing she opened was the tile jar.

"Try the soup that Grandpa is having, it's delicious." Aimee said.

She ladled a spoonful of soup to Patrick's lips, looking a little smug.

Patrick gave her a deep look before he opened his mouth and downed the soup.

Indeed, as Aimee said, the soup is really good.

And he used to drink all the soup fed to are different, with a different kind of aroma, not weird, but after the entrance, but also let the body have a feeling of relaxation.

Patrick even felt that there was a warm current sliding through his body.

He was sure that his home cook could not make a soup with such a taste.

So, Patrick stared at Aimee and asked, "Did you make this soup?"

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