Healing my disabled husband

Chapter 21 I'll be the first to clean you up

The old Hayden looked at Aimee, and then at Patrick, also did not understand the meaning of Patrick's words.

Aimee lied to him?

How is it possible?

How does his old man not know.

Patrick said, "Didn't you say last night that you were going to come over and give me a massage, and I waited until after midnight and didn't wait for you to come."

Aimee blinked innocently and her expression instantly changed to a good-natured look.

What could she do, she really forgot about it.

She had no idea that Patrick was so serious.

But, wait!

Patrick, what did you say?

He waited for himself until the latter part of the night.

She had come in the middle of the night, and according to Patrick, he was awake at that time?

Aimee stares at Patrick and tries to make eye contact with him.

Naive, the two of them have limited tacit understanding, they simply can not read each other's eyes.

Aimee was so bored that she always had the feeling that she had been tricked.

However, there was no way for her to ask Patrick a clear question at this moment, so she could only say in a soft voice: "Sorry, Master Patrick, it was too late yesterday, I thought you were already asleep, so I didn't come to disturb you."

Aimee's eyes are lowered and her hands are at her side, she looks like an aggrieved daughter-in-law.

This made the old Hayden couldn't stand it, and instantly he was upset for his own granddaughter-in-law.

"Pat, Aimee has had a hard day at work and has come over to take care of your food, so be considerate and don't make her so tired." the old Hayden said.

Giving a massage is not an easy task in itself, let alone for a paraplegic like Patrick, who needs to master not only the force but also many precautions.

Before the old Hayden also found a professional masseur to Patrick massage, afraid that he was bedridden for too long, will make his muscles atrophy, later, even if stand up, will also need to spend more time because of this to rehabilitate.

However, Patrick's aversion to the living had reached the extreme and would not allow the masseuse to touch his body at all.

There is no way, the old Hayden can only now and the masseuse to learn the massage techniques and knowledge, so as to help Patrick massage.

He is an old man, although he is much tougher than the old man of the same age, but also deeply experienced the power is not enough.

Looking at Aimee's slim little body, the old Hayden felt even more that it was bullying her to give Patrick a massage.

The old Hayden, though, had his own reasons for bringing Aimee in to become Patrick's wife.

But he doesn't treat Aimee like a servant to the Hayden family, he treats her like his own granddaughter.

So, the old Hayden is unconditionally trying to help his grandson's granddaughter-in-law because he actually had a temper tantrum with her over this matter.

Aimee didn't think the old Hayden would be so protective of herself, and it instantly warmed her heart.

She looked to the old Hayden and said, "Grandpa, don't blame Master Patrick, this thing is my fault, it's my fault for not coming when I said I would, so Master Patrick waited for me for so long for nothing, I won't do it again."

The old Hayden still wanted to say something, but heard Aimee continued: "Grandpa, at least I am also a doctor, although not a famous doctor, but, in this regard, I can still do a good job of taking care of people, taking care of Master Patrick, I will not feel tired."

The old Hayden was touched in his heart, took Aimee's hand and said, "Aimee, thank you so much, I'm really glad that you said that.

Aimee smiled and didn't say anything else.

She could already feel Patrick's gaze landing on her face.

The gaze full of interest, inquiry, suspicion and other complex emotions, let Aimee really feel uncomfortable.

She looked away and saw that the bottle had run out of medicine, so she went up to Patrick to stop the infusion.

Putting away the discarded pill bottles, Aimee said, "Grandpa, it's almost time, I have to go to work, I'll be back early today."

After that, Aimee didn't even look at Patrick and left Patrick's room without a second glance.

When Patrick and the old Hayden were the only ones left in the house, the old Hayden asked, "Did you really wait for Aimee until after midnight last night?"

Patrick raised his eyebrows lightly, looked at his grandfather, and asked, "What's wrong? No?"

"Pat, tell grandpa honestly, do you think Aimee is nice?" The old Hayden came to interest, a pair of cloudy eyes bubbling with light, as if to see Patrick through the general.

Patrick looked at this old man speechlessly, really can't understand his brain circuit.

So now whenever he mentions Aimee, the old man has to wonder if he's deeply in love with her.

Patrick said, "Grandpa, why don't you tell me first why you picked her to marry me?"

As far as he knows, the old Hayden also promised the Reed family $80 million in benefits, which for the Reed Group that has been moth-eaten kernel, although not the effectiveness of the dead, but also be able to solve the urgent needs.

If there is nothing special about Aimee, unless the person in front of her is possessed by the Reeds, there is no way she could have done something so stupid.

The old Hayden didn't want to talk to Patrick about it.

He just said, "What do you care so much to do, anyway, the wood has been done, now Aimee has become your wife, I can tell you, you do not negative people, otherwise, I will be the first to clean you up."

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