Healing my disabled husband

Chapter 15 You really do not spoil me after all

Casey stiffened in place, unable to believe what he had heard.

This woman, who looks like no good, is talking big about what she is?

Her sister-in-law?

How is this possible!

"You're full of shit!" Casey immediately exploded, pointing at Aimee and cursing, "How could Pat be married? How dare you tell such lies?"

Aimee turned a deaf ear to Casey's anger and just continued to say faintly, "No. Oh, sister, Pat, and grandpa, all know. Oh, you don't know, maybe you just don't need to know."

"You!" Casey was simply furious.

This damn woman, what does she mean by that?

Isn't this a way of saying she's not important in the Hayden family? Even Patrick got married and no one informed her of the big event.

When she was a pampered princess growing up in the Hayden family, she could not stand it.

Casey pointed his hand at Aimee, his eyes were red with anger, but he didn't say anything for half a day.

Aimee had no intention of arguing with Casey, but the little girl was too rude and her words revealed that she had brought a woman over to court Patrick.

For no reason at all, Aimee's anger flared up in her heart, making her want to educate the spoiled child herself instead of carrying out the principles of survival in the Reed family to the end, so that she would understand that as an adult, she should know how to behave.

So, Aimee didn't take anything into consideration and didn't give Casey face.

But, at the moment, looking at Casey's face, which is about to cry, Aimee is speechless again.

I thought it was a spiteful lady with strong fighting ability, but who would have thought that it was actually such a weak person, she just recounted a fact, and she could be so angry.

If she really argued with this little friend, she would still be angry with her.

Aimee sighs silently and turns around to pick up her plate.

Who would have thought that when I turned around, I would have met Patrick's playful eyes.

Aimee stiffens and smiles innocently at Patrick.

This pig brain of hers, bullying people in front of their brother and grandfather, is also really do not want life.

But, Patrick, what's with the stare?

How she did not see what he was unhappy with the meaning, but rather, it seems, there are so many points of appreciation.

Aimee wrinkled her brow unnoticeably, and a touch of suspicion sprang up in her eyes.

Not sick, right?

She was bullying his sister, and he appreciated her?

He probably doesn't want that sister of his.

Casey simply felt that he had been wronged.

Especially now, her brother, who didn't even help her, is instead looking imploringly at the woman who bullied her.

Casey burst out in tears, jumped on the couch, hugged the old Hayden's arm, and cried, "Grandpa, I don't know? Why didn't you tell me?

The old Hayden headache held the forehead, before saying: "No, Miss Casey , this matter is grandfather I made up my own mind, has not been told to anyone, you are the first to know our family."

Casey now calmed down and stared at the old Hayden with teary eyes, seeing his serious face, before sniffling and asking, "Really?"

"Of course it's true, how could grandpa cheat you?" the old Hayden said.

Casey flattened her mouth and said, "Then why did you let Pat get married without talking to me, ooooooooooooooooo, you really don't spoil me anymore."

The old Hayden to this granddaughter is also unable to help, can only plead for help towards Patrick look over.

The entire Hayden family, except Patrick, had no one who could control Casey.

Patrick raised an eyebrow at the old Hayden, with a look that said, "Serves you right.

Even he, the person in question, was not even informed of the additional wife straight away.

Not to mention the rest of the Hayden family.

Now it's just Casey who knows, and soon everyone in the Hayden family will know, and he wants to see how his dear grandfather will handle himself then.

The old Hayden was about to be pissed off at Patrick, the little bastard, and he wanted to settle the score here?

His temper got the better of him and he slapped Casey away, saying, "I'll say what I want to say if I want to, or not if I don't. I'm still in charge of the Hayden family.

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