Healing my disabled husband

Chapter 12 - Digging her out personally

In the morning, the old Hayden came into Patrick's room and, seeing him staring at the ceiling, asked, "Pat, have you really decided that you want Aimee to treat you?"

Patrick smiled and looked over towards the old Hayden and asked, "Grandpa doesn't trust her?"

"Aimee is a good kid and takes her job seriously, but Grandpa still wishes he could get more specialists to consult with you so he could develop a better plan." the old Hayden said.

Last night Aimee in, the old Hayden although heart happy Patrick accept to let the doctor to his treatment, but his heart still think, to find the most authoritative doctor to do, to Aimee's medical skills, he still have their own concerns.

He has no problem with Aimee as a girl, and he is happy with her as Patrick's wife in every way.

However, the old Hayden also asked someone to investigate, Aimee although said to be the highest school of medicine, but in Innisrial General Hospital is only an ordinary doctor with mediocre qualifications, except for a few and her teacher to complete a major operation, by her main surgery are not very difficult, the old Hayden really have no way The old Hayden had no way to leave Patrick completely in Aimee's hands.

He said, "Aimee and I said that she assists the specialist to take care of you, and I think that's fine."

Patrick looked at the old Hayden with deep eyes, understanding that he didn't know anything about Aimee's background.

He was about to speak when he heard the old Hayden say, "Pat, Grandpa asked someone to go to Esnya earlier to ask Dr. Dettlaff to come over, if you don't want to see another doctor, at least let Dettlaff see you, okay?"

Patrick silent, to the grandfather's expectant eyes, in the end, did not have the heart to refuse.

He said, "As you like."

The old Hayden was finally at ease.

Patrick was thinking of something else, and he suddenly didn't want to expose Aimee.

As for what kind of little secrets Aimee is hiding, he has to dig them out for her personally, little by little.



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