Healing my disabled husband

Chapter 9 What does it have to do with me

Aimee expressionlessly operated the app on her phone, and the next second, she transferred 800,000 to Matilda's account.

Matilda replied cheerfully, "Thanks Richie."

Aimee did not reply, finally put the phone away, to this but for her to do a thing to charge explicitly for the woman, really no feelings.

The car also happened to be parked in front of the Hayden family, and Aimee pulled open the door and got out, not noticing the stunned look on the driver's face.

Living in such a luxurious house, actually have to take a taxi to travel, the driver only feel the world of the rich, he can not understand.

After two more looks at the house, which he could not live in for ten lifetimes, the driver started the car and drove away.

Aimee came home late today and the old Hayden was waiting for her to have dinner with her.

This made her very touched, and she had a little more affection for the old Hayden.

When she was in the Reed family, no matter how early she left and came home late, no one would ask her if she had eaten, they would just hope she was better off dead outside.

At this moment looking at the table full of dishes, two can even be clearly seen, is made for her, Aimee heart is even more touched.

When the old Hayden saw that she was slow to pick up her cutlery, she asked, "What's wrong? The food is not to your liking?"

"No, Grandpa, I was just so hungry that I didn't know which dish to eat first for a while." Aimee said.

the old Hayden heard this, then personally for her bowl of soup, said: "that must first drink soup to warm the stomach, the more hungry, the more can not rush, come, first try to see this chicken soup, Riley personally cooked, the taste is very good."

Aimee took the chicken soup and sipped it in small sips, her nose sore.

This was the first person besides her teacher who told her to take care of her stomach.

When the chicken soup entered her throat, the warmth flowed into her body, filling Aimee's entire heart.

The hunger was relieved before Aimee looked at the old Hayden and said, "Grandpa, I work irregular hours, so don't you wait for me to eat dinner later."

No need to ask, she also knows that the old Hayden three meals a day must be timed, he had already for Patrick on enough worry, if also to wait for her to eat, even their own life rules are broken, Aimee is really feel sorry for it.

the old Hayden but said: "Grandpa is in good health, and, with the girl you accompany grandpa I eat, grandpa heart happy."

Aimee understood the old Hayden's mind, so she didn't say anything else.

After dinner, Aimee went to the study.

Patrick's cases were all there, and Patrick made it a point to have them put together for Aimee to read when she returned in the evening.

She quickly skimmed through the cases, noting the various symptoms Patrick had been experiencing and the medications the various doctors had used for him.

Moderate, I can only say that it is not good to use and not bad to use.

From the time of the accident to now, Patrick's physical signs have not changed much, but in the good news, it is better than Aimee expected, and there is no deterioration trend.

This means that although the instrument was tampered with, for a short time, it was not able to affect Patrick .

This relieved Aimee so that she could put aside some of her concerns and treat Patrick in a more direct and stimulating way.

After reading the case, Aimee went to Patrick's room.

Still the old Hayden accompanied by the old Hayden, after all, to confess their profession to Patrick, the old Hayden in, Aimee can let the old Hayden in front of her.

She didn't want to face Patrick's anger head on.

The old Hayden knew the goal of the day, after entering the room, without beating around the bush, directly to Patrick said: "Pat, I forgot to tell you before, right, in fact Aimee is a doctor."

Patrick's expression changed from indifference to anger when he heard the doctor.

He was about to speak, he heard the old Hayden said: "However, Pat, Aimee is not I find to treat you, I just want to tell you that Aimee is very busy, sometimes to night shift can not return, sometimes will be called back by the hospital temporary, you can not find her, do not think she does not pay attention to you, she is just busy. "

Patrick looked at his grandfather speechlessly, with a look that clearly said, "What does it matter to me how she is? Do I look like someone who would look for her to you?"

The old Hayden ignored Patrick's expression and continued, "Pat, I don't care what you do to other doctors, but Aimee is your wife, and you can't be mad at her."

Patrick is simply exasperated by this old Hayden.

Knowing full well what profession he hates the most now, he still had to find him such a profession as his wife and ask him to treat her well.

His eyes fell on Aimee's face, only to see her face of innocent innocence, as if the old Hayden was talking, and she had nothing to do with it.

Patrick narrowed his eyes and said, "Since you are a doctor, a healer, don't you want to come and see me? My, wife."

Aimee blinked her eyes, her face was unperturbed, but her heart was pounding.

She said last night, right in front of this man that she was a healer.

Although she was sure he was asleep at the time, why did Aimee feel so strongly at this moment that Patrick had said that to himself on purpose because she had said that about herself last night?

She wasn't ready to be found out.

After a few seconds of confusion, Aimee cooed, "Master Patrick thinks too highly of me, I'm just an ordinary doctor, I'm not very good at medicine, I'm fine to do auxiliary care for Master Patrick, but for treatment, it's better to ask those specialists to come."

Patrick just looked at Aimee silently, only the expression on his face was already telling Aimee that he had seen through her, but he didn't break her down.

He just watched in silence as she talked nonsense.

Aimee's lips are taut, and her heart spits out that this man is lying in bed, and still so sinister and cunning, she is really quite annoyed.

She silently decided not to come to Patrick's room tonight, she always felt that she had been caught in the act.

Anyway, the treatment officially starts and she still needs to prepare for it.

There are several medicines that she still has to ask people to buy for her.

Patrick's eyes were always on Aimee's face, and he naturally caught all the glint in her eyes.

He looked towards the old Hayden and said, "Grandpa, since this wife of mine is a doctor, why not let her take charge of my illness in the future, those specialists, I think they are just quacks, nothing real, but the ability to collect money is not small."

The old Hayden party was silently watching Patrick and Aimee, seeing Patrick not upset Aimee is a doctor, he was already very happy in his heart.

At this moment, hearing Patrick say so, the old Hayden did not hesitate at all and directly agreed, "Then you must promise Grandpa to cooperate with Aimee's treatment."

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