Healing my disabled husband

Chapter 5 Expect some changes

Trace has always obeyed Patrick's words, which is why they have noticed since Aimee entered the room, but did not do anything about it.

As soon as Patrick woke up from surgery, he had a miniature headset embedded in his ear so that his inner circle could listen to his orders at any time.

These men are brothers who have been with Patrick since more than ten years ago, and they all want to kill their enemies as soon as possible for Patrick's trouble.

Only, Patrick had already ordered them not to reveal themselves without his outcry, no matter what they saw in his room.

Only, for the woman who sneaked into Patrick's room, even if it was the old Hayden who had found them Master Patrick as a wife, Trace and the others were still hostile.

Trace said, "Master Patrick, if you don't like her, I'm going to have her done."

Patrick's eyebrows twisted, and an inexplicable gloom sprang up under his eyes.

He said, "We are civilized people in a society governed by the rule of law."

Trace stopped making noise, but somehow felt strange.

They Master Patrick treat the enemy, but never remind themselves to be civilized.

Naive, Trace has smelled a hint of danger, do not dare to talk nonsense, only to say: "Master Patrick, then you have a good rest."

Patrick didn't say anything else, just stared at the ceiling with his eyes open.

He wanted to know what the woman's purpose was, and who had sent her, and what she had to do with the man who wanted him dead.

Aimee is unaware that Patrick has discovered her movements and, has made her the subject of suspicion.

When she returned to her room, Aimee immediately found a stack of white cardboard, laid it flat on the floor, and began to draw.

drew all the instruments according

no way out

room immediately. She had not seen Patrick's case and did not know enough about

she did not try it herself, but first made a

the drawings, and when she goes to buy the

Aimee is her ability to accurately reproduce what she

do the research and invention, Aimee was very good at

hasn't had the opportunity to use this talent since she was taken back into the

finished the drawing, so Aimee folded the drawing and stuffed

and the material was just able to call someone to get it for

she was supposed to go to work, turned into an alley near the hospital, and stopped at an

woman in her forties, saw her enter and said enthusiastically, "Aimee, you're here, you want doughnuts and

herself at a table near the back

and climbed into conversation with the boss as if nothing

in the bread for

and answered, and within a few minutes, the bread

and took a bite, it was delicious

said to Lydia, "Lydia, I'm going to go out

and exits through the main entrance, which, as it

Lydia when she needs to go to the mini-mart in the back and go through the back door on the kitchen side; otherwise, she has to make a big

go, how many times have I told you that you don't have to

smiled, and without further ado, dived into

the bag with a detailed list on it and put it in the back

at all and

the supermarket to buy a packet of candy and went

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