Healing my disabled husband

Chapter 2 - A hundred years of good cooperation

Just outside the hospital gates, Aimee was stopping a car on the side of the road when a black car slowed to a stop in front of her.

Immediately after, it was a man in black who got out of the car and said to her respectfully, "Miss Read, our Mr. Hayden is here to see you."

Aimee didn't ask him who Mr. Hayden was, and the hospital entrance was not a place to talk, so she nodded slightly and bowed into the back seat.

The car drove slowly towards Hayden's Mansion, and the magnificent castle in front of her eyes made Aimee marvel at it even though she was not interested in it.

It is no wonder that the Reeds will take this marriage so seriously, with the Reeds greedy nature, only to think that the Hayden family's maid's room, but also to be incomparably luxurious and precious.

Aimee is led into the study where an old man with white hair is painting.

She did not approach, nor did she make a sound, just stood quietly watching, trying to keep her presence to a minimum.

Finally, when the old Hayden had put away his pen, he looked up at Aimee.

Her calves were already standing stiff, and she was holding herself up by a wave of perseverance.

"Miss Read, come and see how I look at this writing." The old Hayden waved toward Aimee, calling her over.

Aimee had a momentary daze, reacted, and then moved mechanically towards the old Hayden.

Her two legs, are going to fight the bend.

The old Hayden silently look at these in the eyes, eyes deep, but did not make a sound.

Aimee stood at the old Hayden's side, seeking a most respectful distance and posture.

Her eyes fell on the painting.

Aimee pursed her lips, and the old Hayden's intentions became clear.

She looked for the right moment to speak up and said, "The old Hayden's painting is very nice."

the old Hayden sniffed, a touch of helplessness slipped through the eyes full of shine.

This little girl, did not really know how to draw, just pick the words that do not make mistakes to describe some.

Sighing imperceptibly, the old Hayden asked, "So, do you like this painting?"

Aimee's eyes moved from the painting to the old Hayden's face, met his stern eyes, swallowed uncontrollably, then, before nodding and saying, "I like it."

"Then I will give you this painting, and from now on, you are my Hayden family." The old Hayden said.

Aimee responded, "Thank the old Hayden."

"I'm not happy to be called that. I've told you that you're a member of my Hayden family, and you don't call me grandpa?" the old Hayden pretended to be angry and said.

Aimee was really unable to keep up with the speed of this development, but she could only call out stiffly, "Grandpa."

"Eh." the old Hayden responded with pleasure, and it was audible that he was heartily pleased.

"The party told you to stand so long, did not blame grandpa, right?" the old Hayden said.

"No." Aimee shook her head; in fact, she had long since lost track of it.

"That's good," the old Hayden said instead of continuing the conversation, "come with me to meet the old man."

"Okay." Aimee responded, hesitating for a moment, not going up to help the old Hayden after all.

Even though, she saw that the old Hayden's left foot had a slight limp.

The old Hayden afterglow will Aimee's hesitation to see a clear, again silent sigh.

This is also a child who is extremely defensive of people, touching their family's oldest, really, let people worry ah.

The two men walked through the front yard to a courtyard in the deepest part of Hayden's Mansion.

As soon as Aimee stepped in, she was delighted.

The environment here is more serene, and the faint scent of flowers in the air gives her an extraordinarily peaceful feeling.

In the center of the courtyard, there was a small fountain, bubbling with water, reminding her instantly of the mountain stream where she used to go to play with her teacher before she was seven years old.

Aimee's eyes darkened.

She, so misses her teacher.

As the old Hayden entered, the first thing Aimee noticed was not the man lying on the couch, but the room full of sophisticated instruments, and she couldn't help but sigh.

Their hospital's instruments are not so high-end, only, the world's top instruments, are here.

Aimee curled her fingers and felt an unbearable itch.

She wanted to try these instruments, if she understood them, they will be used in the hospital, perhaps, more difficult cases, can be solved.

"Pat, how are you feeling today?" the old Hayden had taken the lead and walked over to the bed, looking at his grandson lying on the bed, his voice shaking with restraint.

Patrick Hayden lay flat on his back, staring blankly at the ceiling, his soul seemingly having long since left his body, unaware of the old Hayden's concerns.

When Aimee approached, she saw such a lifeless face.

This is not the first time she has seen Patrick.

The last time she saw him, she didn't have time to take a closer look at his features.

At that time, he was covered in blood and had multiple burns all over his body, and she, together with her teacher and the most authoritative doctors from various departments of the hospital, aimed to bring him back to life with his life hanging by a thread.

That surgery, more than a dozen doctors took turns before and after, holding on for more than forty hours, which is considered to be the person to save back.

Aimee participated in the first half of the journey, so she had no idea that such a wretched man had such a good-looking face.

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