"I am gonna kiss you bad" He said before smashing his lips on mine.

You know that feeling when fireworks that erupting around your body? That's exactly what I am feeling right now. The butterflies that were dancing inside my stomach were more than a thousand.

I couldn't explain the feeling that I was feeling, but what I know now is that I am on cloud NINE!! I wasn't experienced in kissing since this was my first, but I decided to do what is done in movies.

I can't still believe, Gabe Cahill's lips were on mine. I became unconscious of my friends watching and I put my hands around his neck tugging him closer as he held me waist and pulled me closer. I felt him smirk and I bit his lips making him groan.

Since it was two minutes of French kiss they wanted us to do, so be it. So Cahill let's give them want they want. I felt Gabe seeking for entrance with his tongue, but I denied him and deliberately put my lips together still kissing him. He bit my lips and I gasped, making use of the advantage, he slipped his tongue inside my mouth and played with it.

We both fought for dominance but obviously he won and I let him explore my mouth, our tongue moving in sync.

I am sure it had passed two minutes, and they didn't stop us as Gabe was busy sucking on my lower lip as I tugged at his hair. He bit my lips and I couldn't hold in anymore and I moaned.

Damn. I heard 'oooohs' and cheers. Gabe pulled me closer again, if that was even possible cause there was no space in between us at all, even an ant couldn't pass through. The delicious feeling I am feeling with Gabe's hand on my waist, skin to skin sent shivers down my spine.

This was the best kiss ever. It's your first. Damn shut up. I don't think any kiss after this will be perfect than this, not even Jace's own. I felt Gabe pull away and I groaned.

"Babe, we have to stop it's past two minutes" Gabe said with unsteady breathing matching mine. I rested my forehead on his cause I didn't wanna see the look on my friends face expecially Hailey and Nina. Those girls are banshees. "That was hot for your first, pumpkin" He pecked my lips and pulled away while I looked down blushing not meeting anyone's eyes.

"Damn! That was awesome!" Jabe squealed like a girl in a high pitched voice. The rest cheered screaming like banshees.

Before I could look up, two bodies fell on me and I heard squeals. Typical Nina and Hailey. "Nina! Hailey!Can't.Breathe!"

They both moved away from me grinning like fools."My bitch is growing up." Nina said pulling my cheek.

"That was hot, Iris. Damn bitch, so you were hiding that part of you all along." Hailey smacked my arm.

"I told you she was not all a good girl. Not like the typical nerd."Nina was still grinning like an idiot. Was the kiss really that hot?

"Our nerd is a bitch!" Hailey stuck out her tongue at me."You have to explain to us what happened with that hot Cahill."She whispered.

"Do you have feelings for him?" Nina whispered.

What?!"I don't. Geez, where did that come from?" You still haven't told them about the plan. I know!

"We will see."They both giggled and went back to their corner of the pool while I kept kicking the water with my legs. My first kiss with Gabe really worth it.

"Someone should dare me to kiss Irish, please. The girl is hot!" Jabe said, I looked at him and he winked smiling. I smiled back and blushed.

"Better don't dare!" Gabe shot daggers at Jabe and Jabe groaned sending him the middle finger.

"You got to kiss her, why can't I? We are twins aren't we? What you do I do, so...." Jabe whined and moved closer to me. I stared at his blue orbs that looked just like Gabe. It was really tempting with the way he looked like Gabe with his lips turning to a smirk. He pecked my lips and swam away before Gabe caught him.

"I got to kiss her, and what will you do about it, brother? You love me too much." Jabe said at the other side of the pool, smirking.

"It was just a peck on the lips,you know. And I will still kill you for that" Gabe smirked.

"Oh brother dearest." Jabe whined. This guy really is a child.

"Fuck you man" Gabe said and we all laughed.

"Hey! Go fuck Irish, not me." Jabe said and I went all red, thank God it was in the night and the lights in the pool side were a little dim. We all laughed as I swam to Jabe and hit him at the back of his head."Shit, woman!" He winced.

"Don't ever say something like that again." I huffed.

"Pfft. Or is it me you wanna fuck uh, Grey?" He whispered and I hit him again."Geez! This is violence!"

We continued the dare or dare with us doing different naughty stuffs. I only did a few lap dance with Gabe, Jabe and Nate. While the others did very nasty things.


I chewed on a slice of pancake as we all sat in Nina's living room watching Netflix at 10 o'clock in the morning. I was sitting in between Nate and Iz on the couch while I avoided three people's gaze.

I have been avoiding three people since yesterday after the dare or dare, Nina and Hailey, so they wouldn't start bombarding me with questions. And mostly Gabe, after the kiss. I don't know what I was going to say to him when we come across eachother, so I avoided eye contact as possible as I could.

"Mom said we should come home by twelve for family lunch" Iz said still mincing his omelette.

"Our cousins, aunts and uncles from both dad and mom's side are coming? " I smacked his hand away from my coffee and took a sip.

"Yeah, some who can make it. You can invite Hailey,Jace,Nate,Nina and....." He paused before continuing. "....and Gabe."

I choked on my coffee and coughed as soon as he said Gabe. What the actual fuck?! "Seriously? "

"Seriously" He said nodding his head forward. I faced the direction and froze as I saw who was standing in front of me. My heart beat was faster than a Ferrari driving.

Gabe. "We need to talk"

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