I kept staring into those blue eyes, and it was until he pulled me up fully that was when I snapped out of my trance. Damn sweet baby, he was good-looking.

"Hum...sorry. I didn't know you were on...the way." Why was I even shuttering? He is fucking hot, you idiot.

He didn't really smile, he only smirked and removed his denim jacket and I could see his tanned, muscular arms and the outline of his chest.

"It's not much of a big deal, pumpkin. " His voice is deep and husky.

" I um..." I didn't know what to say.

"You have beautiful eyes, pumpkin," Why is he even calling me pumpkin too, do I look like one? Jace also calls me that. I couldn't help but blush. No one had ever said that to me before.

"Um...I gotta go. I have class to attend, and I don't want detention. "

"Well see you around, pumpkin. " He smirked and winked at me.

"See you around, denim jacket. " I said walking towards my class.

Why would he say I had beautiful eyes? It was just a blue eyes with a streak of green and so what?

That is normal right?

"Grey! You are late!" Mrs Smith looked like she peeed on her self.

"Ma'am, it was not my fault." Wait,what? Was I been polite? I am not much of a good girl, you see. This woman should go fuck herself! "I had things to take care of! " I said, and I saw Hailey raise a brow at me and mutter bad ass.

The big thick glasses teacher glared at me. " Well Mrs Smith, if you are done glaring, tell me." I said and walked to my seat which was beside Nina's. It was high time that woman stop messing around with me.

I know I sounded rude.....but fuck karma. "That was one bad ass move, bitch" Nina turned to me smirking.

"Oh please. I am sorry to castrate your high hopes." I smirked." You are not getting to see me do that often."

"Bitch, come on." I heard Jace.

"Go get laid, man" I smirked at him.

"With you?" My heart skipped a beat and I choked. "I am sorry, pumpkin. I was kidding. "He said as he laughed.

"You wanna die, man?" I hit him playfully.

"Jace freaking Jonas!!" Not that woman again.

"Yes?" He answered still laughing.

"Do you find my cloth funny? I am teaching!" She was teaching? I didn't even know that. Guess I wasn't listening.


It was lunch, and I was so glad. My stomach wasn't doing no good right now. Immediately we, I mean (Nate,Jace, Hailey, Nina and I) entered the cafeteria, I ran to queue. I couldn't stand my hunger anymore. Besides, I only ate two slices of bread while rushing to school.

I settled on my chair at our usual seat. It's one of the posh's seats among lots. I started to devour my favourite food which was french fries and chicken nuggets.

"Seems someone is hungry" I glared at Nate, "I love you too" He returned back and I smiled.

Jace stretched his hand to pick a fry and I smacked his hands off. It's not like I am stingy, but when I am damn hungry and eating fries, no one dare messes with my fries!


After some minutes, we heard girls screaming, "They are coming to the cafeteria!!" I heard a girl across me scream. Oh please. It's not like they are some god or something.

Soon, the cafeteria door opened and the three bad boy looking hot guys entered. I stopped eating, forgetting I was hungry.

Well, denim jacket bronze head guy was now in a blue body hug T-shirt. Was he trying to show off his muscles or what? Pfft.

My heart did something funny when his eyes locked with mine. He smirked and winked but I looked away blushing. What is wrong with you, Irish?

"Iris, did the bronze haired guy just wink at you?" Oh my goodness, Hailey? I wouldn't hear word again now. I shot daggers at her.

"Well, yeah. So?" I shrugged, finding it not much of a big deal.

"Well, someone is crushing" Jace said throwing me one of his breath taking smiles.

"I am not! I just saw hi, today." I explained what happened between me and the guy in the hallway.

"But you blushed when he winked. " Nate freaking added.

"Who wouldn't. " I looked at Nina. Great. "See. Nina blushed even more than me, when the brunette winked at her!" I almost screamed at them.

"Babe, calm down. "Jace pulled me closer to him and rubbed my head like a child. and grinned. Me being the love sick puppy, I blushed. He didn't see that though.

"So, the party tonight gonna be dope shit!" Nate roared.

"Yeah, man. And a lot of hot girls I could bang good." Jace said smirking. I frowned. I guess they all saw it, except Jace who was flirting with a blue headed bitch. I gave them a thumbs up indicating I was okay.

"Aren't you cheating on Tasha that way?" I asked putting the last fry in my mouth.

"Well you know, she is being clingy and bitchy." He shrugged sipping his punch.

"It's just 8 days, dude. Not even the end of the month though. I guess this is your shortest relationship except hmm...your one night stands." I emphasised on the s.

"Babe." Speaking of the devil herself. She sat on Jace's laps, and started pressing on him. He gave her a kiss and Tasha turned it into kisses.

"Get a room! "Nate almost yelled.

We all laughed, Tasha glaring.


We were already heading towards Jace's house for the party. Hailey was driving my baby, and that's my car. Instead of heels we decided on, we wore black boots, those reaching the knee.

My makeup was on point. I don't really fancy makeup, but this one was simple and cute. The thing I loved most was my hair. It is naturally jet black but now it had red highlights. It was curled a bit at the tip, and was packed into a messy ponytail, so it will make me look sexy. Nina's words, not mine. Thanks all to Nina, my hair is great.

Hailey pulled over at the drive way. I could hear the music booming from outside. We all got down and entered the house flapping our sexy hair. The lights used were disco lights, so the house was dim a little.

"Here we come, party!" Nina moved to the dance floor, grabbing the brunette from school. So that meant the denim jacket guy was here already.

I helped my self to the counter grabbing a drink. Where is Jace? I scanned the whole room. Note the sarcasm. It was difficult to scan the whole room that was occupied by more than 100 people.

"Hmmmm. Thinking of me? Or looking for me?" I turned my head to the left to look at the person.

Here we go again.

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