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Chapter 36 I'm Happy

Paige retracted her gaze and shrugged. She loosened her grip helplessly. “If I knew it, I wouldn't have need to take a picture secretly. I would have blocked her directly.”

“There's discounts at the mall, we'll get 500 yuan after spending 1000 yuan. Are you going?” Riley pouted, "No matter how good she is on the surface, being with a person like her must be upsetting.”

After speaking, recalling how Paige liked Otto, her face looked like she was embarrassed.

Paige didn't really care. Instead, she just smiled and explained, “Otto is different from that guy. He already broke up with that slut.”

“Broke up?” Riley recalled the gossip and became less interested.

"Are you going? If you don't, I'll go by myself.”

Paige laughed. She put her phone back into the back and happily pulled the crook of Riley's arm. “Of course I'm going.”

The two of them chatted and laughed all the way. They unexpectedly met Sadie on the way.

The man standing beside her looked like he's around 27-28 years old.

He was wearing a khaki peach collar sweater, a pair of black pants, and a matching British shoes. He rolled up his sleeves, revealing half of his arm.

There was also PatekPhilippe men's watch with a brown strap on his wrist.

It was a common outfit but when the over 180cm man wore it, he was more attractive than models.

The most important thing was, those outfits had a value around millions!

Riley opened her eyes widely before rambling, “Sadie, that's your friend... Why don't you introduce him?”

Sadie tilted her head and glanced at Cohen. Seeing that he was not against it, she then formally introduced them, “This is Mr. Palmer, and they are my school mates. The left one is Paige, and the right one is Riley.”

Cohen smiled politely and nodded before pulling her away, “Sadie, what was that yacht you were talking about, it was white... But what else?”

“I forgot.”

“Think about it carefully, I have never bought a yacht.”

“I can't remember it... you have too much money to waste, huh?”


The sound of their conversation slowly drifted away, while Paige and Riley stood still, looking stunned.

“Did you not hear her calling him Mr. Palmer?” Paige snorted sourly and continued to walk out while pulling Riley.

“I guess she works on the outskirts and heard that there are a lot of rich guys in the city that often bring their secret lovers to the sea by yacht.”

“That's possible.” Riley turned her head towards the way where Sadie left. She then smiled sarcastically.

His outer appearance was such a waste. He unexpectedly liked that ugly girl, what a bad taste.

Sadie brought Cohen around the school, leading him to the person he wanted to find.

The classes were over.

She had no night class so she could not even stay at school.

When Cohen finished his work and walked out, the driver had parked the car not far from the entrance.

Cohen used the excuse of not having any place for dinner to insist on going home with Sadie.

He bothered her so badly that she could only agree to it.

They returned to ZSB Garden.

Julian had yet to return, so Cohen called him and went upstairs to the study room.

It wasn't easy for Sadie to go up when he was up there. She just played mobile games on the living room's sofa.

There was no applications installed on the phone Julian had bought for her, the games were also very simple.

If Sadie hadn't straighten her relationship with Julian... Sadie would rather call Daisy and ridicule with her than digesting her negative emotions.

After playing for around half an hour, there was a car engine sound outside.

Sadie looked up and glanced at the door.

She then lowered her head and continued the game at the level where she was stuck.

After quite some time, there was the sound of the door opening.

Julian's tall and slender figure walked around the entrance, “The dinner not ready yet?”

“It will soon be done.” Amina went over and took the bag from his hand.

She then carefully hung it up, “Mr. Palmer came for a visit, so I made more dishes.”

“Got it.” Julian glanced sideways, looking indifferently at the sofa.

He saw a small black head there and smiled, “Sadie?”

Sadie was shocked. She hurriedly put her phone away and pretended not to know that he was back.

She then stood up unwillingly.

“Come here.” Julian just stood still, like he was doing it on purpose, “Help me take my jacket off.”

Sadie lowered her head and rolled her eyes in secret.

She walked towards him.

She had never felt that she was short, but standing in front of him was very overwhelming.

Especially when he stared at her. She felt like all her nerves tightened up and her back was full of cold sweats.

“How was the afternoon class? Do you still have headaches?” Julian smiled, and his voice was tender.

“I'm good.” Sadie slowly took his suit off against her will.

The tip of her fingers could feel the warmth of his body through the shirt. As if it was burning hot, she quickly pulled her hand back.

“Hang the clothes, wash your hands, and eat.” Julian squinted his eyes and hugged her shoulders naturally.

However, he didn't help her hang his clothes.

Sadie felt that he did it on purpose.

She gritted her teeth to hold her anger and control her feelings.

He pulled her to wash her hands and she felt that he was sticking to her back on purpose. It felt even worse.

Pervert, what in the world was he planning to do!

“Showing off affections as soon as coming home... Annoying.” Cohen joked. His appearance added another figure to the mirror.

Julian squinted his eyes and warned him with his glare. He then reached out to take the towel and carefully wipe the water on Sadie’s hand. “I'm happy with it, don't come if you can't put up with it.”

“Tch, tch...” Cohen exaggerated.

“I'm just joking, why are you making a fuss out of it?”

Julian glanced sideways. He held Sadie's hand and went to the dining room without a rush.

Amina cooked more dish, there were five dishes and one soup. All of it smelled, looked, and tasted great.

Sadie had no appetite yet. She was absent-minded while holding the chopsticks.

After chatting with Cohen all evening, her uncontrollable feelings clearly got better.

Once she saw Julian, everything came back and weighed her heart.

“Lend me Amina on another day, and you can hire another one... She cooks like a chef.” Cohen tried the fish and teased him with a smile, “Or I can just live here.”

Julian rolled his eyes at Cohen, without answering.

Sadie lowered her head, trying her best to ignore her presence.

After the meal, Julian went to the study room with Cohen.

She had nothing to do so she just played some games.

She then couldn't help logging in to WeChat and check whether Libby had posted anything.

In the end, she deleted every message in her WeChat.

Daisy had no updates too, but Talia did update one post. She said that the store was full of people in the last few days so she wouldn't need her to walk the runway.

Sadie logged out of WeChat and leaned on the sofa. Her tears unexpectedly flowed down, and it couldn't even be wiped cleanly.

She clearly didn't want to cry, was there something wrong with her eyes?

Thinking of that, she sat up and browsed the web about her symptoms.

Unfortunately, there was no exact explanation of it in the internet.

After browsing for a while, she put the phone away. She then wiped her tears while going upstairs.

“What you did is very risky, what if she became depressed? Even I can't guarantee that she will recover.”

It was Cohen's voice.

Sadie subconsciously stopped. She listened for a while and smiled indifferently.

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