Jacqueline’s heart skipped a beat.

What is she saying? Does she know that I am the mastermind behind the last two attempts on her life? Or does she know about Shane’s parents…

Jacqueline clenched her fists. She couldn’t stay calm anymore.

It didn’t matter what Natalie had figured out. Either way is bad for me. Looks like I really have to get rid of her.

If I don’t, my life will truly be over once she tells Shane everything. He will never forgive me. Hell, he might even take the entire Gunn family down.


Jacqueline turned a little pale, but she forced a smile on her face and insisted, “I have no idea what you’re talking about, Ms. Smith.”

“That’s okay. You just need to know that I have made a mental note of everything single thing I just said,” replied Natalie before she got up and left.

Jacqueline slumped down onto the floor after Natalie left. The former was sweating so much that her clothes were drenched and stuck to her skin. It got so cold that Jacqueline trembled.

Naturally, Natalie had no idea how Jacqueline reacted after she left.


The former went to the prison to meet up with Alice.


She forgot to ask Alice before if the latter remembered what the mastermind sounded like and if her voice was similar to Jacqueline’s.

I must confirm everything during this meeting.


Natalie wanted to be certain about whether Jacqueline was the culprit who tried to murder her, and she wanted to do so as quickly as possible. Only then will Natalie be able to keep a closer eye on Jacqueline.

“Mrs. Thompson,” greeted Alice excitedly when she saw Natalie.

Natalie scanned Alice as well.

Compared to her last visit, Alice seemed a little plumper, and her eyes no longer shone with devastation. Instead, tiny glimmers of hope could be seen in her gaze.

Maybe it’s because she now knows that she might get out someday.

“Mrs. Thompson, is my mom alright?” asked Alice as she gripped the receiver.

Natalie nodded and replied, “Don’t worry. Everyone is fine. Your mom sold the last set of jewelry to me and has settled the debt. She’s thinking about transferring your baby brother to another school so that he won’t be bullied anymore.”

“Really? That’s great,” said Alice as tears of appreciation rolled down her cheeks. “Thank you, Mrs. Thompson.”

“It’s nothing,” said Natalie, before she waved dismissively. After that, she put on a straight face and informed, “I have a question for you, actually.”

“Ask away, Mrs. Thompson. I will tell you everything I know,” replied Alice as she wiped her tears away.

Natalie hesitated for a second. She looked right into Alice’s eyes when she asked, “Do you know Jacqueline Graham?”

“Jacqueline Graham?” blurted Alice. She was slightly stunned, but she asked, “Are you referring to the heir of the Graham family which declared bankruptcy ten years ago?”

“Yes, that’s her.”

Alice shook her head and replied, “I don’t know her well, but we mingle with the same crowd, so we talked once in a while.”

“What kind of a person do you think she is?” asked Natalie.

Alice thought for a while before answering, “We were all just teens ten years ago, but I felt like she’s not someone who I can get along with. Or rather, she is not a good person. That is why my friends and I don’t like to hang out with her.”

“Why not?” asked Natalie as she narrowed her eyes a little. Not a good person… How bad does a person need to be to receive a comment like that from rich heirs who are likely spoiled?

Alice’s face shone with fear, and she acted as if she recalled something terrifying. She shared, “It happened about eleven years ago. I was at a charity banquet and had too much juice, so I went to the washroom. When I walk past the garden, I saw Jacqueline torturing a cat with a vile look on her face.”

“What?” blurted Natalie, startled by the story.

Alice trembled and continued, “The cat’s screams were extremely pitiful, and it was bleeding all over. I was scared senseless at the time. I wasn’t brave enough to step up and rescue the cat. Besides, Jacqueline’s expression was terrifying, and I was worried that she would torture me the way she did the cat if she saw me there. In the end, I ran away as quickly as I can. After that…”

“What happened after that?”

Alice took a deep breath to calm her nerves before she said, “The cat died. Turned out, the cat belonged to the hostess, Mrs. Garcia, who loved it very much. Mrs. Garcia was devastated when she learned about the cat’s death and had her people investigate the matter.”


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