It was true that Jacqueline had never given up on the idea of wanting Shane as her lover.

After all, Shane was the one who gave her the most support. He never pushed her away when she attempted to approach him. His welcoming actions acted like fuel for her ambition.

In the past, Natalie’s undying love for Shane made her turn a blind eye to his flaws. She believed that Shane would never betray her. However, she could no longer stand Shane’s recent indifference towards her and his close relationship with Jacqueline. His actions made her weary. I won’t take this anymore! I bet Jacqueline must have been mocking me inwardly while I’ve been enduring all these sufferings.

Beside her, Jacqueline and Silas jolted in shock when they heard the words “divorce settlement.”

Silas was utterly astonished that Natalie was the one who initiated the divorce.


On the other hand, Jacqueline was over the moon.

She knew that Shane had been giving Natalie the cold shoulder recently. It was already a miracle that they hadn’t gotten divorced sooner. I can’t believe that they are finally getting divorced!

Jacqueline clasped her hands together as her heart pounded erratically in her chest.

“I’ve said it before; I won’t sign it.” Shane’s mood darkened the moment the divorce was brought up.


Immediately, Jacqueline seethed in anger and frustration. Their relationship is in shambles. Why won’t he sign it? Does he love Natalie that much?


“Fine, we can discuss this later.” Natalie extended her finger and pointed at Jacqueline. “However, there’s another issue we must settle today no matter what!” Shane’s gaze darkened. “What are you trying to say?” he asked.

Natalie lowered her hand. “It’s simple. Shane. Since I am still your wife, I have the right to ask you to remove her from your side. I’m not asking for you to dismiss her. All I want is for you to transfer her to a place far away and forbid her from ever entering the top floor.”


“Natalie, it’s clear that you are targeting me on purpose!” Jacqueline glared at her with displeasure.

Natalie merely smiled. “That’s right. I am targeting you. I can’t accept a woman who has malicious intentions lingering around my husband. Are you unhappy with my decision? If you are, you can continue to rebel since you are so shameless.”

“You…” A blaze of angry flames surged within Jacqueline’s heart.

Natalie chose not to pay her any mind and turned to Shane. “What do you think? Do you agree with my proposition? If you disagree with it, let’s get a divorce. With that, I won’t be bothered with whatever the two of you wish to do anymore.”

“Silas,” Shane called out, pursing his lips.

Silas finally snapped out of his daze. “Yes, Mr. Shane. What are your instructions?”

“Send Jacqueline to the HR department. Give her a job that is less daunting,” Shane instructed as he pinched his brows between his fingers.

“Understood.” Silas nodded in acknowledgement.

“Shane…” Jacqueline stared at him in utter disbelief.

However, Shane did not spare her even a single glance. Instead, he simply headed toward his office.

Natalie scoffed coldly before she followed after Shane’s trail.

The departure of the duo left Jacqueline and Silas alone.

Silas turned to Jacqueline and beckoned in a welcoming motion. “Ms. Graham, let’s go.”

Jacqueline stomped her foot in rage. “All I did was leave my things in Shane’s office. I can’t believe she’s so petty. Why couldn’t she let this matter go?”

Silas couldn’t help but roll his eyes discreetly. All she did was left her things in the office? Hah! What a joke. Everyone save for Mr. Shane could see through her intentions. It’s exactly as what Madam said. All she wants is for people to misunderstand the relationship she has with Mr. Shane. It’s no wonder that her greedy ambition provoked Madam. Serves her right she got transferred!

Natalie followed Shane into the office.

“Where is the evidence?” Natalie asked.

Shane remained silent as he switched his computer on. “See for yourself,” he announced.

Feeling wary, Natalie made her way over to his desk to look at the screen.

There was a video recording taken by a cell phone displayed on the screen. Natalie caught sight of a couple who resembled Shane crossing the street with their hands laced together. All of a sudden, a red car hurtled toward the couple and collided with them.

The sudden impact sent the couple flying. They collapsed on the ground as crimson blood began to pool around their limp bodies.

The video then zoomed in further to show a woman and her daughter exiting the car. The duo stumbled toward the couple in a fearful manner before the video came to an abrupt end.


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