However, the detective’s expression was rather strange.

When Natalie saw it, the initial joy she felt melted away slowly, and her heart became uneasy. “What’s the matter?”

“Ms. Smith, we found no record of your mother’s car hitting anyone. However, records showed that your mother was at the scene of the accident involving Mr. Thompson and his wife eighteen years ago.”

Natalie’s pupils constricted, and her lips trembled. “Just being at the scene does not mean that her car hit anyone, does it?”

“That is true. Nevertheless, an eyewitness testified that her car had indeed hit someone at that time, and she was taken to the police station for questioning. Later, Mr. Thompson bailed her out so, in her records, there was no record of hitting anyone with her car,” the detective explained.


Natalie felt cold all over.

There was no record of her hitting anyone with her car because David had bailed her out.

Thus, it was unclear if she had really did that.

Suddenly, Natalie thought of something, and she asked, “Did you find out what car my mom was driving? Since the eyewitness testified that my mom hit someone, then, she must be driving a car, mustn’t she?”


“Yes, your mom was driving a red-colored car then,” the detective said.


Natalie sat there without twitching a finger, stunned and lost for words.



It matched what Shane had said.

Upon that, Natalie burst into tears. “My mom hates red so much. How could she have driven a red car?”

Seeing Natalie’s expression, the detective was rather sympathetic. “Ms. Smith, why do you think your mother hates red? Eighteen years ago, your mother’s favorite color was red, and it was only later that she hated this color. This was what we learned from the investigation, and naturally, it wasn’t that hard to find out at all.”

The detective’s words puzzled Natalie.

That’s true. Why would I think that Mom hated the color red?

As far as I can remember, Mom had never mentioned hating that color. But why did I always feel that Mom hated red?

Suddenly, Natalie felt that something was wrong, and she was gripped by an unexplained fear.

Yet, she could not pinpoint what was wrong, and she felt gloomy.

“These are what our firm has found out at the moment. Some other details are still unclear because the accident happened a long time ago. Anyway, if you want to know more, you can ask your father, he would probably know,” the detective suggested.

Natalie clenched her fingers.

She was aware that Harrison knew what had happened, but she did not want to see him and had never considered asking the man.

But now…

Natalie inhaled deeply and stood up. “Alright then. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

The detective then walked Natalie out of the office.

Right outside, she lifted her head and stared at the skies.

It was a sunny day, and the skies were clear. Despite that, she felt very cold and empty.

Mom, did you really hit someone with your car eighteen years ago? Natalie closed her eyes, and a tear rolled down. She left, dragging her somewhat exhausted body with heavy footsteps, and drove to the Smith Residence.

The Smith family butler was very surprised to see her. “Ms. Smith, are you here to see Mr. Smith?”

Natalie nodded. “Where’s he?”

“Mr. Smith is not in. Could you come back another time?” the butler replied politely.

Natalie pursed her lips. “No, I have some questions for him.”

“But Mr. Smith…”

“If he’s out, I’ll wait inside for him. Please call him now and ask him to return home at once, or you’ll be sorry.” Natalie’s words were vaguely threatening. After that, she entered the villa.

The butler did not stop her as she was Harrison’s daughter as well as the wife of Thompson Group’s Shane Thompson.

She was not someone to mess around with.

The butler obeyed, heaving a sigh. Taking out his phone, he called Harrison, who was out fishing, to return soon.

As Natalie entered the villa, she heard the sound of childish laughter and Susan’s gentle voice calling someone “Baby.”


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