“No, this is my problem. I shan’t trouble you with it.” Natalie looked down and softly declined.

Shane frowned at her very formal and distanced attitude, and his heart filled with mixed emotions.


He knew he was the cause of her change in attitude.

“You do not have sufficient resources and connections to get it done.” He plainly stated the obvious fact, so Natalie could only bite her lips, unable to rebut. They both knew he was the influential and powerful one.

Despite his obvious advantage, Natalie still rejected his offer. “It’s okay. I know you hate me now, so you don’t have to get involved in my problem.”


Shane narrowed his eyes and kept mum.

Natalie took a deep breath and continued, “Mr. Shane, I think we should start thinking about our relationship.” Like Connor, she had started to address him formally.

“What do you mean?” Shane slammed on his brakes to stop the car and turned to question her.

Turning to meet his eyes, she calmly stated, “I mean, you already concluded my mom was the one who caused your parent’s death, so I am your enemy’s daughter. There is no way you can live in harmony with an enemy’s daughter, right?”


Shane’s eyes flickered, and his hands clenched tightly on the steering wheel.


In a resigned tone, Natalie added, “So please give it serious thoughts, Mr. Shane. We can’t continue like this forever.”

With those parting words, she unfastened her seat belt and alighted from his car. Shane sullenly watched her hailed a cab and left in it.


Indeed, he could not pretend nothing had changed and continued to live with her the way they used to. However, the option of divorce had never crossed his mind, even though he was clearly aware their awkward and distanced relationship was causing pain to both of them.

Suddenly, a sense of weariness overcame him.

At the same time, Natalie was also brooding in the cab.

She had hired a private investigator to look into the incident that happened eighteen years ago. However, Shane’s revelation that he had incriminating evidence that her mom was the culprit made her doubt the investigation would bring her any good news.

That was why she urged Shane to think about their relationship. If she could not uncover new evidence to prove her mom’s innocence, then she would forever remain his archenemy. The sooner they could sort out their affairs, the better it would be for both of them. It might be painful to end their relationship, but staying in a hostile relationship would bring more suffering.

At that moment, her phone rang, interrupting her thoughts. She cleared her troubled mind and fished out the phone. The caller number seemed to be that of the hospital, so she hurriedly answered the call.

“Hello, is that Ms. Smith?” A pleasant voice on the other end of the phone asked.

“Yes,” Natalie acknowledged.

“Ms. Smith, the paternity test result of the samples you sent to us two days ago is ready for your collection,” the nurse stated.

Natalie’s grip on the phone tightened, and she immediately replied, “Sure, I will head over now.”

“Thank you.”

After that, Natalie ended the call and turned to request the cab driver to reroute to the hospital instead.

Soon, she arrived at the hospital and proceeded to the laboratory. She was filled with anxiety when she met up with the doctor in charge.

The doctor recognized her instantly and handed an envelope to her without any need to reconfirm her identity. After all, who could forget such a gorgeous-looking lady?

She received the envelope but did not have the courage to open it on the spot. Instead, she went to the garden in the hospital compound, sat down on a bench, and took a deep breath to calm herself. After a while, she removed the papers from the envelope with trembling hands and flipped to the last page for the result.

Her expression froze, and the blood drained from her body, leaving her cold. It’s a negative?

But… How could this be?

Sitting there in shock and disbelief, Natalie’s body and hands trembled while she was still holding onto the test results.


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