Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 274 A Warmth Embracing Her Heart

"Cheers! Let's celebrate our reunion today!" Sara jeered with utmost enthusiasm. Her excitement was evidently flowing in her beautiful face. Now that Jacob and Bess were with her, she couldn't ask for anything more.

Nothing felt better than having all the important people in her life together.

"What's your plan after your marriage?" Jacob asked, taking a sip from his glass and recollecting the flavour of the juice.

"Well, I don't know yet. We are planning to merge the two companies, but Bess doesn't want to be a housewife. So, we can't make any final decisions yet."

Noah frowned, remembering how stressful it was for him to deal with Bess. But the most difficult part was persuading his parents-in-law to agree with the merger.

"Can Bess really work in the company as the vice president? Wouldn't she just hang around you and not do any work? I'm sure you remember when someone brought his girlfriend to the company before. Am I right, Jacob? "

While stuffing her mouth with boiled quail eggs, Sara shot her brows high and maliciously gazed at Jacob.

Shocked of being accused, the latter asked himself, 'Why is she bringing this up now?'

However, he just dismissed that thought instantly and responded, "It's actually more convenient to have Bess work in the office with you. That way, you can spend more time together even while working."

"That's a good idea. But you know Bess. She can be so emulative. Perhaps I'll take the vice presidency," Noah uttered, strangely feeling excited and helpless at the same time. His parents would never allow him to step down and be the vice president. And as early as now, he could already imagine how they would badger his parents-in-law about it.

Meanwhile, Bess, who had been eating quietly, suddenly said, "I think it's good for us to work in separate companies. Besides, they are a family business. Even if I get married to you, I can still work in my family's company."

Hearing this, Noah instantly settled down his chopsticks, thinking of explaining his side. "Look, Bess. I know that family is important to you. But if we get married, aren't I gonna be your family too? But if you really insist, then that's fine."

Noticing that the atmosphere suddenly turned dour, Sara winked at Jacob, who immediately mediated between Noah and Bess.

"I think Bess is right. She just really respects her parents; that's why she wanted to help with their family business. Besides, her dowry is much more than enough. What else do you worry about, Noah? Why do you care about other people's companies? "

Jacob explained seriously, indicating that Noah should make a concession. 'Why is Noah fighting Bess on this? Does he want to get punished when they get home?' the former asked himself in confusion.

"I'm not coveting or planning to take over her company. I just hope that Bess can stay with me all the time," Noah explained in a hurry.

The way he talked fast showcased how defensive he was right now.

Seeing this, Jacob couldn't help laughing. He didn't expect that such a small thing could make Noah so frantic.

Meanwhile, Bess suddenly stopped eating even though she was only halfway through boning her chicken.

"Well, why didn't you tell me earlier? But even then, I don't care what position I'll have. I can be the vice president if you want," Bess assured with a sunny smile that climbed up to her eyes. The two seemed to be showing off how much they loved each other.

"You're a model couple. How come you two fight over such a trivial matter?" Sarah shook her head in disbelief.

"Don't say that. It's impossible for couples not to have disagreements," Bess answered after turning to her friend.

"Hey, Noah, what have you done to piss Bess off recently? Aren't you afraid that she will back out of the marriage?"

Sara was obviously trying to threaten Noah, but the man just laughed it off.

'I would scare Bess? Yeah, right. Like there is any way I'd let her call off our wedding, ' he thought.

"No, Bess is mine and only mine." Noah fixed his eyes on his bride-to-be, who blushed out of embarrassment.

"I know, so we should get married as soon as possible." Bess blushed and lowered her head to continue rummaging her chicken.

"Is the wedding date set?" Raising his head, Jacob suddenly butted in.

"Yes, it's on the children's day. We believe it's the perfect day for us to get married. You know, so we can maintain a childlike innocence," Noah explained.

He then raised his glass before pouring the cold juice into his mouth.

"I'm so envious of you! I wish you have a baby as soon as possible!" Sarah's eyes twinkled in excitement.

"Ha-ha! Sara, you are so cute." Bess subconsciously grazed her belly and laughed exaggeratedly.

"It's okay. We're no strangers here." Sara blinked her eyes, obviously playing cute to pry for information.

"Come on, Jacob! Pay attention to Sara. If you don't want her, I'll go strangle her." Bess raised her eyebrows and threatened. It seemed that only when she was with Sara would she be this bubbly and energetic.

"Just strangle her. I don't care if she plays cute. It's annoying! Go! Strangle her to death." Jacob shrugged as if he didn't care at all.

"You've gone too far." With a snort, Sara lowered her head and feigned an angry expression.

And as Bess watched the two, she laughed even more heartily. Beside her was Noah who just kept mum.

"Sara, are you mad?" Jacob also played cute and tugged at her clothes.

This time, both Noah and Bess burst into chuckles.

"Come on, Sara. You should eat more! Look at how thin you are." Jacob served some food on her plate, not minding Noah and Bess's presence.

Meanwhile, Sara pretended to not care when deep down, she holding back her laughter. She didn't expect Jacob to be so nervous when she faked her furious emotions just now.

"I want more quail eggs!" Sara pouted, looking like a little girl who had been deprived of cotton candy.

"Oh, alright. I'll order some more." Jacob glanced around and searched for a waiter.

When he saw one, he snapped his fingers and gestured him to come over.

"Waiter, give us five more plates of quail eggs." Jacob spoke in a loud voice while Sara kept munching on the food.

"This lady likes the quail eggs, so please bring them here as soon as possible." He pointed at Sara and smiled.

"Five platefuls? Aren't they too many? Jacob, Sara will gain weight if you keep feeding her like this. Bess covered her mouth and laughed. No wonder Sara was a little fatter now.

"Ahem... How could I have the strength to lose weight if I'm not full? Don't worry, I can share them with you," said Sara happily as she fluttered her eyelashes.

"I know Sara, so don't worry. She won't gain weight." Jacob placed the quail eggs brought by the waiter in front of Sara.

"Eat slowly so you won't choke. If you get fat, don't worry. I can help you lose that weight." Jacob looked at her dotingly, even wishing he could tuck the strands of her hair behind her ears.

And as Bess watched the two, she was rendered speechless. It seemed that Sara and Jacob were very much in love with each other.

And Bess liked to see them this way. It certainly made her heart fuller than her stomach now.

Their table was plated with much food. Evidently, the four had a great meal while catching up with recent events in their lives.

It was only when darkness had blanketed the sky that they stopped with the foods. Sara, who was the fullest, grazed her now swollen stomach. Indeed, she was the happiest when eating.

"Are you full?" Jacob picked up a quail egg for her and asked.

"I can't eat anymore. I've already eaten too much. But you should also eat more." She flashed Jacob with an alluring smile that certainly bewitched him.

"Okay," Jacob answered and shot the quail egg into his mouth. 'Why does Sara like eating such strange food? But I wouldn't lie––it tastes good, ' Jacob thought to himself.

Surveying the restaurant, Sarah watched the other patrons happily chatting and eating on their tables. And at that moment, she felt a warmth embracing her heart.

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