Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 207 Time Brings Change To Nothing But You.

"Does this accident have a great impact on the company so far?" Sara went back to the point. After all, problem won't disappear even if you ignore them.

"Yes, but I'm not sure how far its impact would last. Some of our contracts have expired and these companies refused to renew them. They must have been affected by this incident. Some other contracts has not yet expired. So we have to deal with it as soon as possible. "

Jacob frowned slightly. Speaking of this, he really felt headache. It was natural for the companies to change their cooperation partners according to different situation. Once the Shi Group was in big trouble fulfilling their agreements and make profits, they won't take the responsibilities.

Someone must pay for the accident, and no one could be sure of what would happen in the future. As a result, they would rather choose another partner than continue to bet on it. And no one could blame them for that.

"Well, this is a normal situation. I will feel strange if none of the partners canceled the contrast. Doing business was not doing charity. No one would take the risk of losing money and continuing to cooperate with you. "

With a smile at the corners of Sara's mouth, she was trying to enliven the atmosphere, but when she spoke it out, she found it improper. She should have said it directly.

"You are right, but I will never continue to cooperate with these companies in the future. I need to be aware of the risks when cooperating with others. "

Jacob raised his eyebrows. The tenderness between his eyebrows covered his cruelty as he saw Sara's face. He had never expected it to be so delighted to talk with inner peace. Despite the unpleasant content of their conversation, he didn't have the feeling of annoyance.

"Are you feeling frustrated?" 'Are you feeling sad because someone betrayed you in such difficult situation? Have you thought that you would be abandoned one day?' she thought with a bit evil.

"What are you laughing at? Isn't it normal?" Jacob pretended to be angry, but there was no anger in his tone.

With a playful smile, Sara said, "It's rare to see the great CEO of the Shi Group being abandoned by others."

"No, I don't care about others. I only care about you." Jacob suddenly became serious and looked at her with penetrating eyes.

It's true that he was not really cared about the others no matter what they did. Jacob only cared about the attitude of Sara. If she was unhappy, he would also be unhappy.

If she didn't forgive him, he wouldn't forgive himself either. Anyway, Sara was the only person he cared about.

Those business partners who left suddenly could not really annoy him. After all, new cooperators would always emerge. But there was only one Sara in the world. Once missed, she might never come back.

"Stop!" Sara coughed violently. Why was Jacob so indecisive now? He just couldn't avoid mentioning her within three sentences. Where did he learnt about this? Was he just playing another trick on her?

"Are you okay?" Jacob took a tissue and handed it to her. It could be extremely uncomfortable if she got a cold in such a chilly winter. He had experienced it himself, so he knew how it felt.

"I'm fine. Please don't get me involved when talking over meals, okay?" Sara rolled her eyes. She had never imagined that she could do this facing Jacob before.

But now, Sara had such an unscrupulous right. Liked it or not, Jacob could do nothing about it. After all, he knew clearly that he was the one who made the mistake first. The only thing he could do now was to let her do whatever she liked.

"Are you still in your father's company?" Jacob asked cautiously. He had never asked about the life of Sara after divorce, but he knew everything in secret.

"Well, I want to help my father. He is too tired." Thinking of her father, she felt a little sad.

"Say hello to him for me. By the way, tell him that he could come at me at any time for the stupid things I've done."

"Forget it. You'd better focus on the explosion. We'll talk about other things later. He could also come to you later. " Sara continued to roll her eyes at Jacob, but she still couldn't blame him at all.

"OK, Sara. I'm not asking you to forgive me, but I hope you can feel better in your heart. Don't think of me just because of those bad things. " Guilt was written all over Jacob's face. Looking at the untouched steak on the plate, he lost his appetite.

"Forget it. These things are already past and we don't need to be bothered by them." Sara took a big bite of the steak, she still had a good appetite.

"Okay." Jacob lowered his eyes. No matter how much he said to apologize, it was useless. It would only remind them of the unpleasant past. These outrageous things he had done, even if Sara was willing to forget, Jacob couldn't.

"Where is Alice?" Sara asked casually.

"I sent her abroad." Jacob replied casually.

"Oh?" Sara was confused. What was on his mind this time? What was the matter with those photos? She didn't forget about that yet.

If she had believed that Alice was only living in the villa and nothing happened between Jacob and her, when she saw those photos, she realized that she was too naive.

So when she was pushed aside by Jacob and laughed at by Alice, how did they look at her?

Could these humiliation really be ignored? Sara could not manage to do that.

"Sara, I wanted to explain that to you, but I felt it was too difficult to open my mouth, and I didn't know how to explain it." Jacob frowned. He still owed her explanations one after another.

"Just tell me. I'm listening." Shrugging, Sara pretended to be relaxed. Yes, she needed to give Jacob a chance to explain. Otherwise, she would think too much all day and feel uneasy.

"I..." Jacob opened his mouth and didn't know what to say. He really didn't figure out how to explain about that, because even he was confused about what had happened.

"Look, you can't explain it yourself, so there's no need to explain." There was always a smile on Sara face, but she had already expected this scene. If he admitted his fault directly, maybe she would think he was an honest man.

"Will she come back again?" Focusing on eating, Sara thought she shouldn't ask this question. But she really wanted to know the answer. Maybe in her heart, she expected that Alice would not come back.

But she also felt that it was too cruel to leave her abroad all her life. Perhaps such a contradictory life was the real life.

"I don't know. Maybe not." Thinking of Alice, most of the time, Jacob really felt sorry for her as he had delayed her for so many years. In the end, they still couldn't be together.

But she had only one heart. How could she force him to love her.

In the past, Jacob thought that the person he loved was always Alice. Perhaps he was just missing himself at that time. At that time, he could still pursue his dream and fight for the future life.

Now, things had changed. It was not the same world it used to be. How could he still be the original himself?

How many people in the world could hold their original dreams till the ned of their life?

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