Dragon Master novel Maximilian

Chapter 456 Speed Defines the Winner

When Maximilian entered the combat Stadium, one of Connor's men led Maximilian to the lounge.

"Mr. Maximilian, take a rest first. I'll go and tell Master Connor. He is now attached to the foreigner and is not free to move around."

Maximilian nodded, went into the lounge. He took a seat and played with his phone leisurely.

Connor’s man went to the training arena and found Connor. He whispered a few words in Connor’s ear.

Connor looked at Thompson beside him and said with a smile, "The wild card player Maximilian representing H City is here. I'm going to meet him."

"Oh, our host player is here. Just invite him over and sit down. It just happens that Nuron will start the last training session before the game. Maximilian hasn't participated in the training this time, and he definitely doesn't know his opponent. Let him take a good look first to have a general understanding."

What Thompson said seemed to be polite, but in fact, his intention was not good at all. He aimed to intimidate Maximilian with Nuron’s ferocity.

As long as there was timidity in Maximilian’s heart, he would be frightened on stage, and he would most likely lose on the arena in the end.

Connor smiled awkwardly and said to his subordinates, "Go and invite Mr. Maximilian over."

When Conner’s man left, he frowned and asked, "Nuron's training is over, isn't it?"

"Just now, Nuron proposed extra trainings. There were too many boxers in the wild card tournament, so he wanted to fight ten people at the same time to shorten the wild card tournament."

After Thompson saying this, Connor's eyebrows knitted, and his heart couldn't help but sink.

Although Thompson’s remark was simple, Connor smelled blood in it. Instead of beating ten, Nuron wanted to kill ten, and he did it to set an example for Maximilian.

Soon Maximilian walked to Connor and sat down, staring at Thompson who was sitting aside.

Thompson raised his eyebrows and nodded slightly at Maximilian, "You are Maximilian, right? Nice to meet you! I'm Thompson, member of the tournament organizing committee. Soon your opponent will start the training match, and you can have a good look."

"Okay, thank you for your information. I will have a good look."

After saying this, Maximilian looked at the ring not far away. The ring was larger than a regular wrestling ring, and there were no guardrails around.

Connor leaned to Maximilian and whispered, "They don't have good intentions. I am afraid Nuron will kill ten people, and you shouldn’t be afraid of what you will see."

"It is just one V.S. ten. It is nothing! I can kill hundreds of small insects." Maximilian said jokingly. Connor, however, could not laugh at all and even wanted to cry.

Soon, ten muscular boxers came on stage. They stood around the corner of the boxing ring, looking at Nuron who walked slowly toward them.

Nuron was about 6-inch tall, and his whole body was full of tight muscles. Numerous scars were intertwined on his skin. It demonstrated that he had experienced countless bloody battles of life and death.

With a fierce look, Nuron opened his mouth, showing sharp teeth and shook his fists in a striking motion. The speed of his fist was as fast as lightning, and naked eye could hardly capture it. After swinging the fist, Nuron's arm was back to the previous position, and it seemed that Nuron didn't punch at all.

Connor's face changed slightly. With a serious expression, and he said, "What a fast punch! This speed has proved that he is a master."

"Speed defines the winner. His speed is indeed fast." Maximilian said indifferently.

The ten boxes on the stage looked at Nuron closely, but no one dared to step forward.

During the training these days, Nuron's brutality had left a deep impression on them, and it casted a shadow in their hearts.

Although they knew ten people could win Nuron, the first one rushing up would definitely die.

Who was willing to die first? Who was willing to give his life for the survival of others? There was no such person among the ten boxers.

The ten boxers were watching and waiting for Nuron to take the initiative to choose the unlucky one who would die first.

Nuron smiled ferociously, stretching out his scarlet tongue to lick the corners of his lip. It seemed that he wasn’t looking at living human beings but delicious food.

Roar! A beast-like hiss erupted from Nuron's mouth, his legs stomping hard on the ground, and his whole body leaped out like a cannonball.

A strong white man with body shape as a bear became his first target. The white man's eyes widened, his hands swung out violently to hit the approaching Nuron.

As Nuron moved, the other nine boxers moved together like wolves that had smelled an opportunity. They rushed to Nuron one after another and were ready to take advantage of the opportunity to besiege Nuron.

The moment everyone was mobilizing, Nuron suddenly turned around. Nuron's body turned into an arc of mystery in the air, and his shoulder crashed into the skinny black man coming from the right.

The sudden change during action disrupted the plans of the boxers. And the furious boxers who had surrounded Nuron suffered a brief panic.

At this time, Nuron had already rammed into the heart of the skinny black man. The thin black man screamed, flew out, spurting blood in the air. When he fell out of the ring, he was dead already.

After killing one boxer, Nuron moved on, stretching his arm to grab a blond white man aside.

The man stepped back in fear. Seeing that he had dodged beyond the reach of Nuron's arm, he stopped and breathed a sigh of relief.

But next second, the blonde white man lowered his head in horror and looked at his throat being scratched by Nuron’s palm. He couldn't figure out why Nuron’s arm suddenly grew longer.

An unbelievable look flashed in the eyes of the rest boxers. Everyone watched as Nuron's arm grew longer just now, which was beyond the limits of their knowledge of the human body.

"My God, is this magical? I've heard of bone shrinking skills or something. But I never heard the arm could be extended for 10cm and still has combat effectiveness.” Connor was amazed.

Maximilian said indifferently, "It's not a big deal. Ancient India had such kind of Kung Fu, and someone should have inherited it. But it is generally used to beg for food or something."

"No way! Beggars are still so skilled? In earlier years, beggars cutting off tendons in their hands and feet must use optical camouflage. They certainly don't have such great skills."

Connor didn't believe that anyone with such skills would beg for living, and they definitely have more choices than begging.

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