Chapter 100 

Margarets expression changed. Thats impossible,she said. Except for the first time, Christopher would always stop at the last moment and pull away. They only did it once, so she did not think the probability of getting pregnant was high

Seeing how confident she was about not being pregnant, Elizabeth was worried. Then something must be wrong. Dont wait. Go to the hospital to check now.” 

Margaret nodded. In fact, she had wanted to go to the hospital a few days ago, but she had given all her money to Jodie. Hence, she did not even have enough money to go for a checkup now

As night fell, she had no appetite at all. She spent the whole afternoon running back and forth between the art room and washroom. Nausea and late period made her feel uneasy. She tried to look up her condition on the Internet. Nonetheless, the information she found did not ease her mind. Instead, she was scared to death because her symptoms were related to cancer. Panicking, she even suspected herself to have stomach cancer, as her stomach had always been weak

Initially, Elizabeth thought Christopher would not be coming home, so she did not ask the kitchen to prepare dinner. However, to her surprise, he came back right before dinner that day

After Fredrick greeted him, Christopher walked to the living room. Mr. Lewis, are you having dinner at home?Elizabeth walked up to him in a hurry and asked

Yeah,answered Christopher flatly before sitting down on the couch

Hearing Christophers voice downstairs, Margaret hesitated for a while before heading down. After all, she needed money to see a doctor. She was afraid the more she delayed, the more she would scare the hell out of herself

Christopher turned a blind eye to Margaret, who walked down the stairs

Biting the bullet, Margaret walked toward him and murmured in a low voice, Can you borrow me some money?” 

For?replied Christopher without even raising his head

To see a doctor,Margaret answered honestly

Whats wrong?Christopher frowned and finally lifted his head to glance at her

How would I know without seeing a doctor?Margaret thought that his question was stupid, but she did not dare to speak her mind

What are your symptoms?Christopher asked impatiently

Margaret swallowed hard and was embarrassed to tell him. Stop asking! I‘ll pay you back when I have money.” 

Christopher then took out a card from his wallet and threw it on the coffee table. After that, he ignored her again and picked up a magazine to read

Immediately, Margaret took the card and thanked him. Then, she turned around and went upstairs after telling Elizabeth that she was not having dinner as she was so sleepy. Her eyelids felt extremely heavy, and all she wanted was to go to bed

When dinner was ready, Christopher was quite unhappy when he did not see Margaret at the dining table. Where is she?he asked

Mrs. Lewis is not feeling well, so shes skipping dinner. She has had an upset stomach lately and has been vomiting. Her period is also late. I have asked her to go to the hospital to check as soon as possible,replied Elizabeth

Christophers eyes widened as soon as he heard that. What did you say?” 

Elizabeth pondered for a while to ensure what she just said was correct. After making sure she did not say anything she should not have said, she repeated, Her period is late, so she needs to visit the hospital. Why dont you take her there, Mr. Jones?” 

Upon hearing that, complicated emotions flashed across Christophers eyes. However, he regained his composure soon and began eating dinner. Let Noah bring her. I have something to do tonight.” 

Hearing that, Elizabeth let out a sigh and turned around to leave. After Elizabeth left, Christopher stopped eating and called Noah. Send Mrs. Lewis to the hospital to see a gynecologist. Check if she is pregnant.” 

In less than a minute, Noah came in a hurry. Elizabeth quickly went upstairs to inform Margaret. When Margaret came down the stairs, she looked exhausted, and her face was pale, Are we going right now? But I’m so sleepy..” 

Mrs. Lewis, you have to go see a doctor right away if youre sick. Its not good to delay. Mr. Lewis asked me to send you to the hospital right now, so please come with me.” 

Taking a look at the dining room, Margaret had no choice but to leave with Noah

When they arrived at the hospital, Noah brought Margaret straight to the gynecology department to make registrations.

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