Chapter 98 

Margaret did not want to continue the topic anymore. After their separation, she went home and submitted her resume online without delay. Being an introvert, she would not go out unless she had to. After years of working, Im still an introvert. Its pretty funny how I remain the same even though I grew up together with someone like Christopher. I wish I could be more outgoing

It was already night, and Christopher was still not home yet. Margaret shifted her attention to the dishes on the table and uttered, What a waste. Elizabeth, dont cook so much food if Christopher is not coming home the next time. I can‘t finish everything alone.” 

Elizabeth grunted an acknowledgment. Fredrick nearly got kicked out the last time. Following that incident, she was hesitant to give her comment anymore despite worrying about Christopher, as he was always not home. After all, she could not do anything about it

After dinner, Margaret read a magazine and played with her phone leisurely

The phone rang out of the blue. Hearing the impromptu call, she picked up the phone and answered, Hello?” 

The person said nothing and directly hung up the call

Fredrick, who heard the sound, walked a few steps toward Margarets direction before turning away the next second. He knew deep down that it was Christopher who called

A few days later, Margaret received a notification from a design company for an interview. She packed her things early in the morning and applied some light makeup for a ruddy complexion

Then, she headed to the interview venue. The companys HR department manager saw her and said with a smile, Oh, its you, Mrs. Lewis! I thought someone happened to have the same name as you. Regrettably, our company couldn‘t afford to hire someone as pampered as you. Although our company is not that big, we often work overtime here. I dont think youre suitable for this position.” 

That was the first time Margaret got rejected because of her identity. Ive been self sufficient. It‘s not a problem for me to work overtime. You may judge me from my resume without considering my identity,she replied

The manager pursed her lips. Sorry, I think you should look for another job.” 

An unprecedented sense of despair washed over Margaret after she left the office. Simultaneously, she regretted resigning from her old job. It was out of the question for her to return to Caspers company. Above all that, all she wanted was a job. She did not want someone to spy on her all the time

I‘ve been looking for jobs but to no avail. My application was getting rejected by the recruiters with different excuses. With my qualification and working experience, I dont think it’s difficult for me to find a new job in this city. After all, the design industry is pretty popular here. Besides, I successfully got my wedding dress design published in a magazine before, so I think Im quite popular in the industry. Why would they reject me then? Is all this happening because of my identity? 

She hung her head low in dejection and went back to the Lewis residence. After a long day outside, she threw herself on the couch in exhaustion, unwilling to move. 

Elizabeth brought a pail of hot water and suggested, It must be a long day for you. Come and have a foot bath. Youll feel better.” 

Margaret did accordingly and soaked her feet into the basin. The companies dont want to hire me because Im Mrs. Lewis. I don‘t understand why.” 

Hearing her words, Elizabeth glanced at her and tried to phrase her words nicely by saying, Who would dare to take you in when youre Mrs. Lewis? Unless... you ask Mr. Lewis for help.” 

Margaret fell silent straight away, knowing that there were no shortcuts for her, as Christopher was someone who would set clear boundaries between his work and personal life

Seeing that she was only concerned about work, Elizabeth could not help but remind her, Mr. Lewis hasn’t returned home for days. Are you not worried about that?” 

Shrugging her shoulders, she responded, Well, thats beyond my control. What can


Elizabeth paused for a brief moment before continuing, You can give him a call and ask him whether he wants to come back for dinner. Its best for both parties to communicate with each other in a marriage. I understand that both of you got married for a reason. The fact that Mr. Lewis agreed to marry you despite knowing your past proves that he likes you. Knowing his temper, you should stop being stubborn and be more compliant. What matters the most is the two of you being happy in the marriage.” 

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