Chapter 96 

Margaret was happy to hear that. “That‘s good. I‘ve brought some supplements for your dad. He can eat them straight away.” 

Zachary was awoken by the noises and was surprised to see Margaret. “Margaret... The money that we owe you, I‘ll pay them back slowly once I got out of the hospital. I‘ve never owed anyone anything in my life before. I feel bad for owing you money.” 

Margaret was overwhelmed with mixed feelings when she heard that. “Mr. Clark, please don‘t say that. You don‘t owe me anything. Once you get better, I‘m sure that you will rise to success again. But before that, you have to take care of your health. Don‘t worry too much about other things.” 

Zachary‘s lips were a little blue, and he was a lot skinnier now. Even his hair was getting whiter. It was apparent that he had been struck a serious blow. “Jo is so lucky to have you as a friend.” 

Jodie added, “I feel lucky too.” 

Then, the ward door was pushed open. Upon seeing the face of the visitor, Jodie let out a cough and tugged the corner of Margaret‘s shirt. 

Confused, Margaret turned and met Jenson‘s soft gaze. “You‘re here.” 

Though nothing else was said after that, that simple greeting had a lot of meanings behind it. 

Jenson placed the supplements he brought on the table and said, “I came to visit Jo‘s dad, and I didn‘t expect you to be here, too. Jo, I think the environment here isn‘t suitable for your father to recover. Let‘s transfer him to a private ward.” 

As soon as he finished his sentence, another patient‘s family who had argued with Jodie previously mockingly commented, “A private ward? How could someone in heavy debt afford that?” 

Patting her chest, Jodie pulled the curtains between both beds to block their view from the person who had just spoken. “Ignore that. They are just a bunch of idiots.” 

The person then pulled the curtain open and admonished, “What did you just say? How could you be so rude? I bet your manners are the reason that your factory went bankrupt. So what if you have a big family business? You don‘t even know how to be a decent human being! Serves you right!” 

Rolling up her sleeve, Jodie yelled, “Are you looking for a fight? I‘m looking forward to giving you a slap a long time ago.” 


Margaret and Jenson quickly stopped her. “Forget it, stop arguing.” 

After seeing such a situation, both Margaret and Jenson insisted to transfer Zachary to a private ward. After all, a private ward had a better environment for Zachary to recuperate compared with the current general ward, which was crowded. 

Jodie agreed after some persuasion, but Zachary insisted otherwise. “How could I enjoy myself when all these happened because of me? I can‘t do that to Jo and her mother. I don‘t mind staying here. I really don‘t mind.” 

Jenson then replied, “You don‘t have to worry about money, Mr. Clark. I‘ve paid some money to the hospital. It‘s enough for you to transfer to a better ward.” 

Zachary did not expect that he would have to rely on his daughter‘s friends in the end. He was happy for his daughter to have such good friends, but at the same time, he felt sorry for dragging them into his mess. 

After transferring Zachary to a new ward, Jodie walked Margaret and Jenson to the exit of the hospital. The three friends finally got to gather after three years. 

“Let‘s have lunch together. It‘s my treat. Don‘t worry, I have money to treat you guys, and please don‘t say no. It‘s a rare opportunity for us to get together, after all,” Jodie proposed. 

Jenson agreed with her proposal and turned to look at Margaret. 

Meeting his gaze, Margaret lowered her head and said, “Okay.” 

The three walked around the area for a while and found a working–class restaurant. Jodie then ridiculed herself, “I‘m sorry that I can‘t bring you guys to a better restaurant. But I promise that I‘ll take care of you two once I‘m rich.” 

Jenson laughed at her statement. “That‘s all right. You don‘t have to take care of me once youre rich, Plus, I don‘t mind eating at this place.” 

Margaret merely smiled while watching them bickering with each other. The pleasant atmosphere between them made her feel that she had traveled back in time, back to when everything was fine. 

Right opposite the restaurant, in a black Rolls–Royce, Noah was speaking in a low voice. “Mr. Lewis, I bet Mrs. Lewis just happened to bump into Jenson at the 


In the back seat, Christopher looked away and ordered coldly, “Tell Waverly about this. Let‘s go back to the office.” 



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