Chapter 58 

Another person replied, “I am curious about that too! When I first learned about her relationship with Christopher, I was perplexed. But after looking it up online, it cleared my speculation. Christopher took care of her all these years, and they live under the same roof every day. Shes in an advantageous position! With some tricks and pressure, Christopher will definitely give in to her. Hes such a nice person, after all. Besides, she even had a onenight stand with the Swanson family‘s son. So, it makes sense that Christopher doesnt treat her well. She deserves it!” 

Exactly! How can she be married to Christopher? Its absurd. Shes certainly not the one for him!” 

The higher they fly, the harder they fall. Well just have to wait and see. People like her will not have a good ending! We are all worn out from working overtime, all thanks to her. If we werent on vacation now, I would‘ve taught her a lesson. Who would have thought shes so cunning when she looks so taciturn?” 

Margaret had no interest in finding out who they were, so she left the restroom before the two of them

On the way back home, she bought a cup of mocha latte with extra pumps of chocolate sauce. The warm sensation emanating from the cup dispelled some of the chilliness in the winter

I dont know from whom I heard this, but they say if youre depressed, having a cup of mocha latte will cheer you up

Margaret had just taken a few steps out of the coffee shop when she was halted by a RollsRoyce that headed straight toward her. Instead of getting out of the way, she stood still because she knew only Noah would drive in such a reckless way. On top of that, it must be under Christophers instruction. Since it was not the first occurrence, she was not the least bit afraid

Upon getting into the back seat, she greeted, Youre off work early today as well?” 

Christopher did not respond to her, keeping his eyes closed while his slender fingers rested on his lap. That posture made him seem less overbearing

Margaret was unfazed by the cold shoulder. At the very least, she did not have to take a cab back home

As the mocha latte slid down her throat, its sweet scent wafted into the air through 

her parted lips

Noah, who was in the drivers seat, was anxious. He wanted to remind Margaret not to drink in the car since Christopher loathed having lingering scent in the vehicle, but strangely, the man did not utter a single word till then

After a while, Christopher caught a whiff of the scent and frowned. What is that?” 

Margaret looked at him with an innocent expression as she replied, Its a mocha latte.” 

The man did not respond, merely staring at her impassively

A thought came to her out of nowhere, and she brought the straw close to his lips. Do... Do you want some?” 

Christopher was stunned for a moment. Before he knew it, he leaned forward and took a sip. The instant the sweetness spread in his mouth, the pucker between his eyebrows deepened. Truth be told, it was torturous for him since he despised sweet foods from a young age

All of a sudden, Margaret became aware of what she had just done. Did I share the latte that Ive drunk with Christopher? And he drank it

Staring at the residue of her lipstick on the straw, she shuddered and retracted her arm. With both hands keeping a tight grip on the cup, she looked out the window, pretending that the earlier incident had never happened. On the surface, she seemed calm, but in reality, she was panicking inwardly. Should I or should I not drink the rest of the latte

Christopher had no idea what was on her mind but was amused to see her holding the cup so firmly. I merely took a small sip. Does she have to feel so sad

When they were almost reaching the Lewis residence, his phone rang suddenly

After taking a glance at the caller ID, he rejected the call straight away

Margaret spoke feebly. You can pick up the call. Just act as if Im not here.” 

The man offered no response, only shooting her a glance that seemed to say it had nothing to do with her presence. He solely did not want her to listen to the call

Feeling awkward, she shut her mouth. After they arrived at the Lewis residence, she got out of the car and habitually headed for the back entrance. At that sight

Christopher stopped in his tracks and said coldly, Not used to the main entrance?” 

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