Chapter 57 

Margaret became as stiff as a board, and even her breathing stopped all of a sudden. Although she did not sense anger in his tone, she dared not move a bit.

Two seconds later, she returned to her senses. Grabbing her chance, she asked, What do you think the perfect wedding dress looks like?” 

Christopher did not reply immediately. Just as she assumed he would not answer, he said, The youth of a girl, the shyness of being a wife for the first time, the courage to give herself to a man, and the hope for a better future. These can be expressed not only by a person but also in a piece of clothing and a wedding dress.” 

While ruminating on his words, Margaret began to feel sleepy before she knew it. As soon as she closed her eyelids, she fell into a deep slumber

When she awoke the following day, Christopher was still fast asleep

Thinking back on the past two days, she realized he had been waking up late despite going to bed quite early. As it was not in line with his previous lifestyle, she could not help but wonder if he was sick. After much hesitation, she reached out and touched his forehead

The temperature that she felt through her palm did not exceed the normal range. At that realization, Margaret breathed a sigh of relief subconsciously. Just as she was about to withdraw her hand, Christopher suddenly opened his eyes. When their gazes met, she became nervous and stuttered, II thought you had a cold... Im leaving first!” 

Seeing her running away in a hurry, Christopher was stunned but soon closed his eyes again. He simply did not have enough sleep

When Margaret arrived at the office, she combined the points that Christopher talked about the previous night into the wedding dress design. Although she used her own understanding, she was still hoping to get his approval. After all, they needed his clearance for the order to be completed

The entire department worked overtime for three consecutive days, and the sketches were finally completed. That time around, Casper was wary. Instead of letting Margaret send them, he had Leila do it

When the sketches were sent away, the entire design department started to worry instead of feeling relieved. If the designs were to be rejected again, they would not 

have the chance to take a vacation

At Lewis Corporation, Christopher looked at the new designs sent by Leila and remarked in a seemingly casual tone, It wasnt you who came to send the designs last time.” 

She smiled and answered, Yes, Mr. Flemmington is looking forward to our cooperation with you, Mr. Lewis. Hes apprehensive that something might go wrong, so he requested me to send the designs instead.” 

Soon, Christopher stopped flipping through the drawings, and his gaze landed on the sketch of a wedding dress design. His intuition told him that it was prepared by Margaret

These are good to go,he said flatly as he placed the sketches aside

Leila inclined her head in acknowledgment. If everythings all right, Ill be taking my leave now.” 

As soon as she returned to the office, everyone from the design department gathered around her, asking, How did it go, Ms. Black? Were the designs approved?” 

Instead of answering them, Leila went straight into the CEOs office. The designs were approved, Mr. Flemmington,she said upon seeing Casper

Not feeling surprised, Casper instructed, All right, let the cleaners clean up the office. Everyone can go on their vacation in advance. Theres no need to wait until after working hours.” 

The moment the news reached the design department, all the employees cheered, except for Margaret, who chose to sit alone instead of being a part of it

After packing up her things silently, she went to the restroom, where she touched up her lipstick in front of the mirror to cover up her pale lips so that Christopher would not be annoyed when he saw her later

Suddenly, a voice came from one of the cubicles. I think Margaret forced Christopher to announce the marriage, didn‘t she? Christopher has never shown signs of intimacy with her from the beginning to the end. Even when she went over to send the designs, they were rejected. I seriously doubt it was her fault, not the designs. Otherwise, why were the sketches approved when Ms. Black was sent this time instead of her? Who knows what tactics she used to make Christopher marry her...” 

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