Chapter 366 Backstory

Tessa sighed. He’s just… Forget it. He’s just being nice, and he did help me.

After they bought the cake, Scott sent her home.

“You should go home now, Mr. Brooks.” Tessa waved him goodbye at the neighborhood’s entrance.

Scott nodded. “You go in first. I’ll leave after I see you off.”

Tessa went into her neighborhood with her cake in hand. After she disappeared from his sight, Scott left.


Tessa turned on her house’s light, and the darkness slunk away. She put the cake in the fridge and went to the couch in the living room. The silence in the house made her feel sad all of a sudden. I wonder if they have landed.

The house was merry while they were around, but now that she was alone, it seemed empty. She sighed. Well, guess this is what happens if you’re too happy. Once the people are gone, you’ll start to feel lonely. It hadn’t even been half a day, and she was already missing them.


Ever since they got onto the plane, Gregory had been feeling down. He lay in his father’s arms and didn’t say a word. Nicholas wasn’t too bothered about it. He knew the boy would be fine once he got over it.

Timothy looked heartbroken, however. He extended his hand and smiled. “Wanna play with me, Greg?”

“Play by yourself, Mr. Timothy. I am not in the mood for it.” The boy shook his head, and he sounded down.

Timothy cocked his eyebrow. He knew the answer, but he still asked, “And why aren’t you in the mood?”

“I miss Miss Tessa. I don’t want to leave her.” He puckered his lips, and tears welled up in his eyes.

Timothy looked at him, surprised. He’s not Tessa’s son, but why does he want to be with her so much? I thought kids hate their stepmothers, so why is it different when it comes to him? Timothy couldn’t figure it out, but he didn’t think deeper on it. Maybe it’s fate. Since Gregory was looking sad, he got an idea to cheer him up. “Gregory, do you want to know what Tessa was like when she was little?”

Gregory blinked and stared at him dumbly.

Timothy continued, “She was awesome when she was little. She’s smart, caring, and she’s great at fighting.”

Gregory got interested immediately. “Tell me more about her childhood, Mr. Timothy.”

Even Nicholas looked at him curiously.

“She has been strong evver since she was a kid. When I was bullied, she would go straight to the bullies and fight them. She wasn’t scared even though the bullies were bigger than she was, and her courage always scared everyone away. In the end, nobody bullied me anymore, since they were scared of her.”

Timothy had a look of reminiscence on his face, and a smile curled his lips. They were all great memories, after all. “Tessa used to work part-time, but she was always in the top three of her year. The teachers loved her, and she could do anything for her friends. Her teacher always said she only got held back because of our background.”

Timothy started sounding sad. “She used to be my mother and sister. When I got really sick at one time, she went and begged that man to save me, since I am his son, but that man chased her out and ignored us.”

Timothy only wanted to talk about the happy times and cheer Gregory up, but for some reason, when he met Nicholas’ gaze, he told him everything about Tessa.

Gregory had no idea about the heavy weight behind that past. All he thought was that Tessa was super awesome.


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