A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 581 Don't Want a New Dad

“Hudson?" Winnie almost fell over as she felt dizzy when she tried to stand up.

Hudson reached out and grabbed her arm. “Watch out!”

"Thank you,” Winnie whispered, and she did not expect to run into Hudson in this way.

Without speaking, he looked at her swollen eyelids, thinking she must have cried for one night.

As a woman, she could cry after being disappointed in love, but what about him? He could only keep everything to himself and disentangle himself from the past. But the pain would not be reduced or gone.

"Oh! This is a divorce certificate, yours!" said Winnie, handing the one with his name on to him.

Hudson reached for it without taking a look at it.

"Don't be out alone. Go back early!" Hudson said as he was about to leave. Winnie looked at him in a daze. There was still struggle and self-mockery in her eyes. Hudson walked, his pace slowing down. He turned back before he got to the car and stopped. He sighed with helplessness.

Winnie’s eyes had been lingering on him and there was nostalgia inside. She was surprised when he turned around, and she muttered, “Well, goodbye!"

In a panic, she was about to turn around when Hudson took her hand and said, "I'll give you a ride. Where are you going?"

She didn't know where to go, but she had been put in the car before she could answer him.

In the car, Winnie twisted her hands together with her head hanging, not daring to look at him, holding her breath.

“I, I, I don't know... " she stammered.

Hudson was silent.

Winnie was more restless as she had no idea where to go.

"Did you eat yet?" he finally asked.

She shook her head. “No, no!"

"Then go to dinner!" It happened that he didn't eat either.

Esther and Lena were in the lounge chair of the mall, bursting out laughing. “Lena, do you think I should have dinner at home? It is said that it is my home. The person who suddenly appeared is my father, but, strangely, I don't feel close to him at all. I don't even want to call him Dad. What can I do? But I promised Hudson to go home for dinner. I’m so stupid. I didn’t think twice about it. I’m regretful. Can you stand in for me?"

"Shoot! What’s wrong with you!" Lena said, "You are stupid. I felt sympathetic toward you when you were slandered by a reporter, but I did not expect Hudson and Ethel to be your brother! Now I think you deserve it! Hahaha... "

"Yes! I am stupid. Only Elijah is my man! They are all my brothers!" For the first time, Esther publicly admitted her relationship with Elijah. “How to do, Lena? I love you so much. How about turning one of my two brothers into your boyfriend?”

"Go to hell!" Lena pushed her away. “I don’t need a boyfriend! I am happy!"

"Ethel is a playboy! But Hudson is with Winnie! Why don’t we share Elijah?" Esther joked.

"Ah..." Lena screamed and scratched Esther's ribs. “Nonsense. What nonsense are you talking... But I think it may work. Let’s hang out sometimes! I don't have a problem!"

Esther laughed too. It was very nice to laugh. She said seriously, "No way. He’s mine. I won’t share him with anyone!"

"I know it! " Lena sneered, “All right, keep your man! I have my man, and to be honest, I have a child."

"Ah..." Esther screamed in a daze. "How can this be possible?"

"Tell you later!" It was time for class.

Esther was stunned. She didn’t expect that Lena experienced a lot. "OK, you tell me the other day. Shall I go to the Ball family for dinner in the evening?"

"It’s up to you!"

"That’s not helpful at all!" Esther pouted.

At the end of the class in the afternoon, Ethel stopped his car at D University. He stood by the car and called Esther, “Esther, I'll wait for you outside! I can't believe we are a family! No wonder whenever I see you I have a feeling of heartache. It turns out we’re related by blood.”

As Esther rushed out of the teaching building, she saw Ethel standing by the teaching building. She immediately hung up and walked over.

The driver of Elijah also came over, and then Esther told him that she would go to the Ball family for dinner in the evening and let him off first.

"I'll send her back at night. Leave her alone. Remember, this is my sister. Tell Elijah that I’ll protect my sister!"

"Hi! Ethel, you are my second brother. Do we have any other brothers and sisters?" Esther asked with a smile.

Ethel reached out and held Esther's shoulder even though many people on campus were watching him. “Esther, so far, our dad has three children, and we have different moms. Interesting? But I never expect you were my sister!"

"May I know more details about the people I’m going to have dinner with?"

"None of our moms will be there! Hudson’s mother is gone, so as yours! My mother doesn't live with the Ball family!" Ethel said, “Only the three of us and dad!"

"What if I don’t call him dad?" Esther asked with a frown.

"Just like me, I call him Old Man. I don't like this dad either. Anyway, we are not the Balls. Remember that you have to stand with me in the future and deal with the Ball family in the same way!"

"Good! We are not the Balls. As long as Hudson is fine, I’m on yours! Let's go, let's go see the old man!"

In the living room of the Ball family.

A superb meal was served by the cook.

Ethel held Esther into the door and sat across Chris. “Why are you inviting us? For celebrating Esther is now my sister?"

Esther was in a dilemma about how to address him. Fortunately, Christ did not make it difficult for her and said, “Esther, have a seat!"

"Oh! Alright.” Esther sat down beside Ethel.

As they were chatting, Esther was very quiet as Christ and Ethel bickered with each other.

After about half an hour, Hudson came back.

Esther looked up slowly and saw Hudson in a dark silver suit, which was no longer the one that he wore at noon. He was elegant, like the noble son in the middle ages, but there were tiredness and indifference on his expression. Seeing Esther, he opened his mouth.

"Hudson, you’re back?" Ethel greeted. “Shall we start eating? I have another plan after the dinner!"

"What’s your plan?" asked Esther curiously.

"Don’t ask too much, as my sister!"

"Ha-ha, are you going to hit on girls?" Esther approached him and whispered.

"So what?" Ethel raised his eyebrows.

The two people were so close as if they were brothers and sisters who had known each other for many years. Hudson glanced at them and said, “Dad, let’s start to eat!"

"Alright!" as Christ said, his eyes fell on Esther. "You go first. Esther, come to the study with me, I will show you your mother's photos!"

Esther was in a daze.


She had no memory of her mom. As soon as she heard his words, she stood up and nodded eagerly. “Okay.”

In the Study.

Christ took out the picture, which was a picture that looked like twenty years old. When he opened the cloth bag wrapped in brocade, the picture came into their view.

Those eyebrows were like Esther.

Esther was looking at the picture with excitement. This was her mother, her mother! It seemed to be her when she was a teenager. She was in a school uniform, white shirts, and a skirt. But she could tell the color because the photos were black and white.

So her mother was beautiful with bright eyes. She was so lovely when she smiled.

"My mother is a real beauty!" Looking at it, she suddenly laughed. "Mom is as cute as me!"

"Yes! You're very much like your mother!" said Christ sincerely. He has always tried to recall Eula through Esther. When Esther saw Christ looking at herself like that, she thought, maybe this man loved her mother and her deeply.

"Where did my mother go?" Esther looked at the picture and frowned. She couldn't remember. She didn't remember before she was seven. She didn't know where her mother went.

"When you were seven, your mother died of illness, and I just recently learned about it!" Christ said, “After your mother died, you were sent to the orphanage. Maybe because of fear, you were ill and lost your previous memory after fever!"

"Oh! So? " Esther frowned and tried to think about it. She didn't think of it. She seemed to have been sick, but she couldn't remember the details. What remained in her mind was that Hudson went to the orphanage with her master and then she was taken to Switzerland, and then went to school with Hudson, and then when she was 12, the master began his tour around the world and she had been with Hudson all the time. And about her life, should she go and ask her master?


"Can I have this picture?" asked Esther.

"It’s the only one. You can have a remake." said Christ. “Let's go down and have dinner now!"

"Well!" Esther nodded, looked at it again, and handed it to him. “Give me one as soon as possible!"

Christ nodded; Esther waited for him to put the picture up.

Seeing that he wrapped it up with brocade carefully and placed it on the shelf, Esther thought that he seemed to love her mother.


Esther tried to recall but failed to think of any memory about her mom no matter how hard she tried.

But she did not doubt that the woman in the picture was her mom.

Turning and going downstairs, Christ said, “Esther!"


"How are you doing with Elijah?"

"He’s very nice to me!" "said Esther with great joy.

"You are happy, and I’m relieved!" Christ walked over and patted her on the shoulder. ”Kid, I am very glad to see you happy. I’m sorry for your mother and made you suffer!"

Esther was stunned and shook her head.

"Esther, how was the mountain scenery you and Elijah went to yesterday?"

"Good! Green mountains and rivers, dense forests, good scenery!" Esther blushed at the thought of what happened with her Elijah in the car.

"I’d like to build a large villa area there. How do you think?" Christ looked at her with bright eyes.

"Will it destroy the vegetation?" Esther didn't understand why he told herself that.

"How? I pay special attention to protecting the mountain forest. How about giving you one?”

Esther was shocked. It would be wonderful if she had a villa on the mountain, but she shook her head and said, “No! I’m happy with where I’m living. I don’t like a big house! You just need to keep it yourself!"

Christ was stunned, "Kid, you surprised me!"

"They are external things. If you have money, why don’t you donate some money to the charity of Perry Group? The orphanage children are so poor, and the people who lost their homes because of the disaster need money! There are also old and weak, sick and disabled! Why don't you donate some money?"

Christ was shocked and laughed immediately, “You are as kind as your mother!"

"Is my mother very kind, too?" asked Esther curiously.

"Of course!" Christ said, and opened the drawer, took out a checkbook, and signed. “This is three million, and I will do charity from now on!"

"Ah.” Esther was shocked that Christ would be so frank. “Really?"

"Of course, every year!"

"You are so kind!" Esther almost called "Dad", but she failed to utter the word.

Christ gave her the check, then looked at Esther's face and said, "In fact, if the villa area can be built, I can donate 10 million to help more people!"

"Is it?" Esther was surprised. “Build it.”

But Christ smiled and hesitated, "You don't know, that mountain forest belongs to the Perry family!"

"The Perry family?"

"Did Elijah not tell you?" Christ asked.

"Why did he tell me?" asked Esther, puzzled.

"I want to buy his land!" Christ said meaningfully.

"Then you go to him and say it!" Esther couldn’t figure out why would he mention it. Suddenly, she rolled her eyes, as if something occurred to her. She was not stupid. “He doesn't agree to sell it to you? You want me to help you? The money you just gave is not that simple, right?"

Christ didn't seem to have thought she was so clever, and he forced a smile. “No, you’re overthinking. I’ll talk to him. I don't want your relationship to be affected because of this kind of thing! We can't joke about the money. It's money to save a lot of people's lives! I’m not that bad!"

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