A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 580 Pity

Esther blushed and asked, “When did we come back?"

Elijah chuckled, “You slept like a stone!"

He knew that he was tired, and it was almost evening when he brought her back. She didn't even know that he dressed her. She was still in his arms when he took a bath.

"You make fun of me!" She complained, pursing her lips. Then he walked over, sat down on his leg, hugged his neck with her small hand, and leaned in his arms.

He let out a smile, bent his head, hugged her waist with his big hand, and his chin was on her shoulder. He licked her sexy neck socket.


She felt the urge of laughing.

Staring at each other, none of them spoke, as if they were reluctant to break the beautiful moment.

Finally, she couldn't help looking up at his seductive lips. "I'm hungry. I'm growling. Do you hear me?”

"There's food on the table. Don't you smell it?" He remembered that only food had a fatal attraction to her, but now it seemed that he was more attractive than food. The little girl didn't notice the food on the table.

Indeed, Esther didn’t see Elijah when she woke up, so she came out to find him in anxiety, paying no attention to the food on the table. “I didn't even see it! I thought you were out!"

She didn't like the feeling of being alone at home, making her feel abandoned and helpless.

Feeling that she was more and more dependent on him, Elijah was very pleased. He stopped what he was doing and turned off the computer. "Let's eat!" he said.

"Well!" Esther was releasing herself from Elijah when he took her and asked for a kiss before letting her go.

"Tomorrow I'm going on a business trip to Seoul to sign a contract!" he said. “Come back early after class tomorrow!"

"You're going away?" She pursed her mouth.

"I'll be back the day after tomorrow!"

"All right!" There is a little loss in her heart, but she still had a sweet smile. “Well, I'll come back to do my homework after class tomorrow, and then go to bed early!"

But the next day Elijah left while she was sleeping.

It was already ten o'clock at noon when Esther woke up. She called Lena and made an appointment to have dinner.

Along the school snack street, they had a good time eating snacks...

One hour before class, Esther suddenly got a call from Hudson. “Esther, I've brought you some design materials and I am at the gate of your school. Come and get them!"

Esther took Lena to see Hudson. The red Ferrari, which parked on at the gate of D University, was particularly eye-catching. Upon seeing Hudson, Esther ran over with Lena.

"Hudson, let me introduce my friend to you. Oh, this is my good friend, Lena! This is my brother, Hudson.”

Hudson was stunned. He took a look at Lena and nodded. Esther introduced her friend. She grew up and started to make friends. She didn't need him anymore.

Lena also smiled at Hudson without speaking.

Hudson handed the pieces to Esther. “This is from Switzerland. You’re going to like it!"

"Well!" Esther took a look at the materials, the most popular European artworks with exquisite binding.

Hudson nodded at Lena again, then took Esther to one side and whispered, "Esther, are you free in the evening? If you’re, go home for dinner! Ethel will be there too!"

Lena was also very sensible. She turned around and took a few steps back to wait for Esther.

"Oh! I almost forgot that Ethel is also my brother!" Esther said, “Oh, great. I'll ask Ethel to pick me up in the evening!"

Hudson felt jealous and his expression froze. He wondered since when Esther was so close to Ethel.

Esther suddenly stopped and said with a smile as she seemed to realize something, "Hudson, I'm sorry, you are always my best brother, my eldest brother, and Ethel is my second brother! By the way, what happened to you and Winnie?"

"We are divorced!" Hudson said calmly.

"Ah..." Esther was surprised. "Why?"

"In fact, this marriage is not supposed to exist. It’s unrealistic! I married Winnie when I was in desperation." Hudson laughed, “Well, forget about it!”

“Don't forget to go home for dinner in the evening!”

"Hudson, is Mr. Ball really my father?" Esther couldn’t help asking again.

"Of course, there are DNA identification results for proof!" Hudson said firmly, although he was the last one who wanted Esther to be his sister.

"OK, I see!"

"Let Ethel come to pick you up in the evening. I'll be back late!" Hudson said unwillingly, “I won't come to pick you up!"

"Hudson, you really can't be with Winnie? In fact, she is a nice girl.” Esther thought about it for a while and said, "She loves you so much. Can't you try to be with her?"

Hudson shook his head firmly. “Esther, it's my business. I'll handle it myself. Believe me.”

Esther nodded, “Well, I believe you.”

"Esther!" Hudson called slowly.

"Well?" Esther looked up at him. Hudson's face was haggard, and her eyes were bloodshot. “Hudson.”

"Will you be with me in the next life?" He looked at her with a complicated look, and what he said made her heartache.

Esther opened her mouth and Elijah flashed by her mind, she ended up saying nothing.

"It turns out that you can’t get Elijah off your mind!" Hudson laughed at himself. How come she didn’t want to be with him in the next life?

"Hudson! I do,” Esther blurted out after a moment of hesitation as she couldn’t bear to see his sad face. “Next life, we are no longer brothers and sisters! I would like to be your bride! But in this life, you have to promise me that you will be happy!"

Hudson smiled, “Go, your friend is waiting for you.”

He didn't say anything more. It seemed that there was a gap between him and Esther.

She was not willing to give him such a response, but he was slightly delighted after hearing her word and he felt loss seeing that she was frowning and hesitating. Needless to say, her response was not what he expected.

The next life?

Did he dare to hope for the next life? Did people have an afterlife? It was all bullshit!

"OK, I'll go. Goodbye, Hudson," Esther said.

Hudson got on the car and drove away.

Lena came over and looked at Esther who seemed to be in a trance. She sighed, “Alas! Esther, the men around you are so handsome.”

"He's my brother, my brother!" Esther explained and said, "Is he handsome? My dream for ten years is to marry him, but later I found out that I was just dreaming. It is not love, is it?”

Lena was paused before she asked, “Isn't it love? Do you think love can happen in one night?”

"Eh!" Esther was stunned and said, “Maybe. Who knows! "

For a moment, they sighed at the same time, and then looked at each other and smiled.

"Who did you have a one-night stand with?" Esther suddenly asked, looking at Lena.

Lena was stunned and suddenly screamed, “Ah! Hey. You set a trap for me!”

"Hahaha... Help.” Esther also ran away screaming. Their laughter flew over the university.

Hudson drove the car out of D University. Without leaving first, he looked at Esther and Lena's smiling young faces in the rearview mirror. He couldn't help but lament that he loved her so much regardless of their blood relationship and it was so easy for Esther to get into a new relationship.

After all, he was the most pitiful person! He failed to be with the woman he loved!

He stopped the car outside the gate of D University.

Then he drove the car without stopping.

Winnie walked on the avenue of college street alone. Yesterday, she went back and cried all afternoon. She felt much better after a night of sleep, then she wandered outside and found herself in the college street, where there were many universities in G City, including D University with a hundred years of history, and she graduated from here.

Hudson glanced over and was attracted by a beautiful woman, not because she was beautiful, but her lonely eyes and a faint smile on the corner of her lips.

Hudson was in a daze. Was she Winnie?

Instead of getting out of the car, Hudson watched her come from the front. With her head hanging, she held a satchel in her hand. He looked at her and a pity flashed past his heart. At this time, a sneaky man ran out of the shop next door, grabbed Winnie's bag, and rushed in the opposite direction.

"Ah..." Winnie screamed, "My bag!"

The divorce certificate handled by the layer in the morning was in the bag, and she didn’t give it to Hudson.

Why was everyone giving her a hard time, including thieves?

Tears fell down her cheek and she squatted on the ground sobbing. She did not notice that the red Ferrari galloped out and headed for the thief. A man was chasing after the thief to get her bag back!

Crowds gathered around and looked at the girl, who squatting on the ground crying, with pity.

"Miss, someone has helped you to chase. Don't cry!"

"Yes, see, he’s back. Your bag is back!"

The tall and indifferent man came back with her bag and handed it to Winnie. She didn’t stop crying until a pair of long hands with a bag was in front of her. There were obvious scar marks on the man’s hands.

Hudson looked down at her, and she didn't seem to regain her sense and said, lowering her head," Thank you!"

The crowd drifted away!

She opened her bag quickly to check whether the divorce certificate had been lost, and she was relieved when she found it and held it tightly.

Hudson, however, was shocked when he saw the divorce certificate, not expecting that he would get it so soon.

It was until then she realized that the man who helped her didn’t leave. She looked up, only to see the face that broke her heart. Under the sun, his face was a bit cold, and he looked at her with pity in his eye.

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