A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 575 Secretes

"Heh...” Esther laughed instead, “Well, it turns out that someone is jealousy!"

Elijah narrowed her eyes and said, "Esther, remember who you are. You’re my woman. Don't laugh at other men, and you couldn’t get your eyes off them!"

"Despotism!" Esther complained, “What should you do if you break your promise?"

Elijah suddenly smiled mischievously and pulled her close to him, whispering, "If so, how about castrating me?"

Esther's blushed in an instant. How shameless he was! She gritted her teeth and said, "You are shameless!"

"As long as you are willing, I have no problem!" Looking at her angry face, he raised his eyebrow and joked, "I mean what I say. I'm willing to be punished if I break my promise."

"Elijah, how can you! I'm not speaking to you. I'll go to see Hudson!" Esther was about to turn around and leave!

"You dare!" He took her hand. “Didn't you see him just now?"

"I didn't take a closer look. Now I'll take a closer look!" she said.

“Give me a kiss and let you go,” he said.


"I'm your husband!"

"You'll soon be my eunuch husband!" she threatened.

"Give me a kiss before you go!" He held her and didn't mind her going to see Hudson. Just now, the situation was that Ethel was more of a threat than Hudson.

Pursing her mouth, Esther stood on tiptoe and leaned closer to him. She stuck out of her tongue to give him a peck and then slipped in his mouth after hearing his breathing.

Her eyes were covered with long eyelashes. Having known his weakness, she just wanted to arouse his feeling, and then ignore him!

Elijah didn’t expect that she would seduce him.

Just when Elijah was about to grab her and kiss her fiercely when Esther retreated. "All right! I’ll go to see Hudson!"

But Elijah strode forward, grabbed her and pressed her on the wall beside the door. He was totally turned on by her clumsy kiss.

He was surprised to find that as long as she approached himself, he would want to possess her!

Pressing her at the door, he kissed her affectionately. Esther knew she easily seduced Elijah.

He panted with a slightly red face, and his eyes were filled with desire.

For a moment, they were all just turned on, and it started to burn in their heart.

"Hello! Elijah! I’m here!" The opened was slammed, and Ethel stood by the door abruptly, astonished by the two people kissing.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. It’s not the right time!" Ethel laughed awkwardly and stepped back.

"Ethel, what's the matter?" Winnie, who didn’t know what was going on, was about to come in when Ethel stopped her.

Elijah's eyes were filled with anger at the moment, and his face sank. He let go of Esther, then straightened up, expressionless.

Esther’s eyes widened in embarrassment as she realized that what might Ethel see after hearing his words. "It's all your fault!" she complained in a low voice.

Elijah took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down. He said in a flat tone, "Ethel, you'd better have a suitable reason!"

Ethel stood motionlessly at the door, bewildered. After a while, he suddenly laughed, “Elijah, it turns out you are not gay.”

"Ethel!" Elijah roared.

"Ha, ha, ha..."

"What's the matter? Why are you laughing? Ethel,” Winnie asked in curiosity.

Esther blushed and whined, "Well, Ethel, that’s enough."

Elijah caught a glance at Esther, then looked back at Ethel with a warning glance, and Ethel immediately closed his mouth.

Winnie came in and said, "Elijah, take care. Hudson is going to be discharged!"

"Why?" Esther was stunned, forgetting her shyness, and asked, "Is he alright?"

"Almost, he will be fine. Hudson said he wanted to leave the hospital!"

At this time, Hudson came in and looked around. Then his eyes fell on Esther. He knew clearly what happened when he saw her red lips.

It seemed that Esther had feelings for Elijah. It was time for him to rest assured and let go!

"Hudson, are you going to leave the hospital?" Esther asked in a low voice. Looking at him, she was startled by his sharp eyes.

Although Hudson narrowed his eyes without blinking, he was obviously in a trance.

Esther called in suspicion, "Hudson?"

Hudson slowly returned to his senses and finally got the focus on his eyes. "Esther, come over here. I have something to say!"

Esther was hesitated, taking a look at Elijah.

Seeing this, Hudson felt heartbroken. In the past, he was the only one Esther would take a look at when she was bewildered, but now she had treated Elijah as the most important person!

Without speaking, Elijah was glad that his Esther finally put him in the first place.

Esther took a look at Ethel and Winnie and nodded. “All right, Hudson.”

Then, she followed Hudson into the next room.

"Close the door!" Hudson said.

"Oh.” There's some condensation in the air.

Esther didn't know what Hudson wanted to say. Since she saw Mr. Ball last time and heard his words, her attitude was different!

"Hudson, what do you want to tell me?"

Hudson turned around and looked at Esther. Her hair was scraped back from her face in a ponytail. Her slender body showed a kind of quiet but soul stirring beauty, which attracted him involuntarily.

He looked at her expression at the moment, with doubts. Her lips were red, the corners of her mouth were slightly upturned, her eyebrows were slightly frowned, with doubts and uneasiness in her eyebrows.

He looked at her eyes, blank and clear. Her body was tight, and she trembled when his hand touched her shoulder, her smile faded. “Hudson?”

Hudson held her shoulders in both hands, which he used to do that often, but now she felt so strange.

She was so thin that one couldn’t help protecting her. He felt the stiffness of her body, and with a slight pause in his hand, he lowered his head in her ear and called softly, "Esther!"

Before he could finish his words, Esther gently pulled down his big hand, suddenly turned around, took two steps back, and turned to the other end of the bed to avoid this kind of intimacy. Her mind was racing, but she was unable to make an excuse...

Because her heart was more uneasy when she suddenly saw Hudson's sad eyes, “Hudson...”

"Ha, ha... Esther, you start to dislike me?"

"No..." Esther denied, biting her lips.

Hudson came over and smiled gently. He fixed his eyes on her and said in a soft voice, "Esther, don't make excuses... I know you very well. I will always be your big brother. It's a pity that I can't marry you. But I want you to be happy, more than anyone else!"

He would like to exchange her happiness with his life!

Esther was stunned and looked up at Hudson, whose eyes were sincere. She never doubted about his words.

Her heart ached as she said, “Hudson, take good care of yourself. You are my Hudson anyway. It will never change!"

Hudson nodded, “Ask Elijah to come over. I have something to say to him!"

Esther was slightly stupefied, and said, “Hudson, what are you going to say to him?"

"Don't worry, I won't be hard on him!" Hudson forced a smile.

When Elijah came in, the two men's eyes met.

Elijah’s eyes were dark and deep, devoid of any emotions.

It was weird when they were in this situation.


Hudson looked at Elijah and said lightly, "You don't have to worry, Esther and I will never work out! You can rest assured. Elijah, I hope you do care about her. If anything happens to her, I won't let you go!"

"What I do to Esther is my business, and it has nothing to do with you!" Elijah said indifferently.

"How come it doesn't matter?" Hudson sneered, "I have the right to get justice for Esther at any time! You'd better not bully her!"

"Right?" Elijah asked, raising his eyebrow.

"She's my sister, my own sister, my half-sister! Don’t you think I have the right? " Hudson finally told this secret, which was the truth he had been reluctant to admit.

Hudson was discharged.

Esther didn't know what they said. In a word, that day was very strange. They seemed to have a conversation for a long time, which was unknown to her, Ethel and Winnie!

When Esther asked Elijah, he told her that was the topic between men! Esther did not ask any more, thinking that maybe Hudson was entrusting something. He was really concerned about her and he must be so sad that she couldn’t be with him.

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