A Cue for Love

Chapter 725

Chapter 725 The Tables Have Turned 4

Deep in his heart, Thomas knew his relationship with Yeva would be his Achilles’ heel today.

He lowered his head and thought. Thank goodness Yara came out to divert the journalists’ attention. Otherwise, I’d be cornered by these people.

Before Yara and Thomas could take a breather, someone got on stage, to their dismay.

Clad in a pair of overalls, the woman walked in with her hands in her pockets and a cap on her head.

She then gradually walked to the center of the stage. When the journalists turned their attention to her, she removed her cap, revealing her long silky hair that draped over her shoulders.


Even though she was barefaced, she still looked as stunning as ever, thanks to her fair complexion and exquisite features. The crowd at the press conference could not help but be in awe of her beauty.

But what stunned the crowd the most was the uncanny resemblance between that woman and Yara.


Despite having the same facial features and physique, this bare-faced woman exuded a more charming aura than Yara, who had heavy makeup on and wore pieces of luxurious jewelry. Although they were sisters, the latter was no match for the woman in terms of charisma and beauty.

Samuel finally saw the person he was eager to see. Instantly, love filled his eyes, and he could not stop smiling.

As he crossed his arms and cupped his chin, his eyes were filled with delight when he looked at the woman who made a sudden appearance on stage.

Samuel was constantly worried about her, but he knew she had always been a strong and independent woman. He also knew that every time she made an appearance after laying low for a period, she would always have the ability to stun the world.

My sweetheart is so gorgeous. I’m so proud of her.

“Who is she? Why does she look like Ms. Nichols?” One of the journalists looked confused.

At that moment, Yara’s and Natalie’s eyes finally met. As the former looked at her sister’s facial features which were similar to hers yet better-looking, her heart was filled with conflicting emotions.

Nevertheless, Yara tried to contain her anxiety and stay composed. “How did you come back? How dare you make an appearance here? Don’t you know what today’s press conference is all about?”

Thomas had all along known that Natalie was not dead, but seeing her in person still stunned him. His jaw dropped the moment he saw Natalie on stage.

Upon noticing how thunderstruck Thomas and Yara were, Natalie casually picked up the microphone on the table and said, “I’m sure you can tell that we look alike, can’t you? That’s right. I’m Natalie Nichols, Yara’s twin sister.”

Natalie Nichols?

All the journalists were rendered speechless when they heard that.

“Another Natalie Nichols? How is that possible?”

“I know, right? Isn’t that the name of Dream Corporation’s chairwoman?”

“They look different, though, despite having the same name.”

While the journalists were trying to make sense of what was going on, Natalie grinned and explained, “By the way, I’m also the chairwoman of Dream Corporation. Some of you might find it weird that I look different. The person who represented me in public was actually a good friend of mine because I couldn’t appear in public due to some reasons.”

Upon hearing that, the crowd gasped in shock once again.

All the journalists were overwhelmed by the multiple unexpected turns of events. They could come up with at least four pieces of news from this press conference alone.

Yara looked up at Natalie with a scowl. “Oh. So you finally have the guts to face the public, huh? Don’t you try to distract us from the deaths that the medicine from your company has caused with all your gimmicks! We’ll not forget the crime Dream Pharmaceutical has committed!”

Natalie retorted, “Every day, hundreds of thousands of cancer patients take our special medicine, and they’re all doing fine.” She squinted and continued, “But coincidentally, all the twenty-three death cases happened at Rayson Hospital.”

“And these are all cases of sudden death. It makes me wonder if they were actually caused by our medicine, or did the hospital intentionally admit patients that were on the brink of death into its institution to bump up the statistics?” she analyzed.


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