A Cue for Love

Chapter 723

Chapter 723 The Tables Have Turned 2

At that moment, the color drained from Thomas’ and Saunder’s faces. As both men sat among the panel, they started breaking out in cold sweats.


The Medical Association was supposed to represent all the pharmaceutical companies within the industry. Yet, the head of the association was now in cahoots with the leading pharmaceutical company, and the former was using his influence to gain personal benefits. How scandalous!

Right then, Thomas and Saunder exchanged meaningful glances. Both of them desperately wanted to know who leaked the recording.

Even Yara was confused by the turn of events. She knitted her brows and stared at Thomas. How could this happen when the press conference is about to end?

“Please explain yourself, Mr. Todd,” the journalists urged.

“Someone must have doctored the recording to frame us!” Saunder had no choice but to make up a lie. “Someone must be trying to use the opportunity the defame Dexmed Pharmaceutical and me!”

There’s no way I’ll admit to the things I’ve done!

Saunder knew the recording was real, but coming clean would ruin his reputation as the president of the Medical Association and cause him to lose everything.

Upon noticing Saunder’s eye gesture, Thomas stepped in and said steadily, “What Mr. Todd said is correct. Someone made this up to defame us! We’ve worked so hard to support the enterprises and our patients, yet some people or certain enterprises feel that the good things we have done are against their interests. That is why they did this to bring us down!”

Some people?

Certain enterprises?

He did not say it out clearly, but every remark he made seemed to have insinuated that Dream Corporation, Natalie, and Yandel were the culprits behind this.

When Thomas realized the journalists had become less confrontational, he wiped the sweat off his forehead and regained his composure. “Dear members of the press and live stream viewers, Dexmed Pharmaceutical is a century-old company, and I’ve been working hard ever since I took over the business from my father-in-law, Mr. Arnold Bayer.”

“I, Thomas Nichols, am not a hypocrite. Integrity and safety of the people have always been my priorities!” he added.

Thomas was a charismatic speaker, and the remarks he had won the journalists’ and the crowd’s hearts.

Meanwhile, a young woman, who was behind the stage, smirked disdainfully upon hearing what he said.

I see. Still trying to act, huh? After my granddad’s passing, my mom and I fled to the countryside in desperation to save our lives. It wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t plotted against us. How dare he put on an act to convince the world that he’s a noble man?

The woman spoke into the Bluetooth earpiece, “Play another recording.”


After Thomas ended his speech, the hall started playing another recording.

“Dear, I’m in love with the Rolls-Royce you gave me. My friends are very envious of me!”

“You’ll be giving birth to my baby in another seven months, and he’ll be my one and only son! I’ve had two wives in the past, but you’re the best!”

The woman’s labored breathing in the recording seemed to have hinted that she was having an intimate moment with Thomas.

She responded coquettishly, “So you’re only treating me well because I’m going to give you a son? I thought you said you love me?”

“I love you, of course! I love you to the moon and back! You’re my sweet darling!”

“When will you be marrying me then? Now that Yvonne is in the mental hospital because of you, don’t you think it’s time for you to divorce her? I don’t want to rush you, but don’t forget about the baby! People will see our baby as an illegitimate child if we’re not married!”

“I’ll definitely divorce her and marry you! Give me another three months! I’ll marry you after acquiring Dream Pharmaceutical!”

“Okay, dear!”

The recording then continued with obscene dialogues between the two.

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